April 2013: BMW Motorrad Records Its Most Successful Sales Month in History

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    HI All:

    BMW Motorrad sold 14,587 motorcycles or 11.5percent more bikes in April of 2013 than in April of 2012. For the year, BMW Motorrad has sold 39,319 motorcycles and maxi scooters, up 5.0 percent over the January – April 2012 period.

    BMW Motorrad sales in the US, Brazil, and Asia have been excellent as the latest iteration of the BMW R 1200 GS proved to be the driving force with 10,883 sold in the first four months of the year.

    2013 BMW R 1200 GS


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    There must be a lot of people with $20k to spend. Great bike, but I will have to wait until they become a little more than gently used to pick one up.

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