20 people riding in a single Tahoe - 5 dead, 15 injured

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    5 killed, 15 hurt after SUV rolls over near Tucson

    Peter Jeary, Senior Foreign Desk Editor - NBC News - April 22, 2013

    Five people were killed late Saturday when an SUV crashed near Tucson, Arizona.

    Five people were killed - including a young boy - and 15 injured late Saturday when an SUV rolled over southeast of Tucson, authorities said.

    Arizona Department of Public Safety officials said preliminary investigations suggested 20 people were traveling inside the Chevrolet Tahoe at the time of the accident at Interstate 10 and Arizona State Route 83.

    The fatalities included a young boy, NBC station KVOA reported.

    "You could see vehicle parts all over," Rincon Valley Fire District Assistant Chief Lee Bucklin told KVOA. "There were people thrown all over the place."

    Citing a statement from Customs and Border Protection, KVOA said Border Patrol agents had tried to stop the vehicle on westbound Interstate 10 around 11 p.m. local time on Saturday but the vehicle had kept going.
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    I "heard about" ;) someone in college doing the clown car routine in a Suburban. Ran out of people before the space ran out. 18 on board if I recall. :eek:

    And again in a CRX. 10 bodies in that one, a real accomplishment!

    Thankfully no injuries like the above story.
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    probably full of Canadians trying to sneak into the US
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    Wow-Tahoes are 14" shorter than Suburbans- maybe 15 cubic feet more volume.

    I assume these folks were illegals??
    Walked across border-met vehicle-being smuggled N??

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    Yay for P-MPG?

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