2012 Fisker Karma E-REV-33 in the drive

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  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    This is my ride for the night as I prep for the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Alternative Fuel and Electric Alt Fuel Rally early tomorrow morning. Last car on the list to pick up was the Fisker Karma and it was from Fields Volvo/Fisker in Northfield, IL on Rt. 41 (The Edens) and Tower Road in Cook County.

    Exterior… It looks even sharper in person. After dark so this was inside the Fields - Fisker North Shore dealership.

    Inside: The luxurious appointments take some getting used to.​

    Will get some day light shots tomorrow during the rally.

    Propulsion. 400 + hp on tap from the pack alone. 260 hp from the ICE after depletion I believe. A true serial hybrid. It will probably never be driven this gently after someone else gets a hold of it. 49 miles AER when I left the dealership in heavy North Shore traffic heading home. 23.9 miles per Google. Used 24 with 25 still showing. Plugged in now.

    High self centering torque. Feels heavy (it is heavy) but sticks well in quick corners in my subdivision. Ride is firm. From the inside, the smallish side view mirrors do a better job than I would have first thought. Rear view is a little confined.

    Stealth is use the pack. Sport is use the pack with the ICE kicking in to help I guess? No time to read the manual :(

    At the first stop light, I swapped back and forth. Engine would cut on and off in Sport as if it was trying to warm up? This on-off action stopped after about 30-seconds. Drove in Sport and it still drew off the pack 100% of the time. Swapped to Stealth and it drove off the pack 100% of the time as well. As a BEV should of course.

    Fob to lock and unlock exterior doors. Once inside however, it’s a proximity key. Fisker needs to work on that.

    Beautiful high res display (at night so far anyway?) for ancillary controls. No knobs etc. Strong clean amp for the head unit. I need to do some audio tune but was too busy getting it home to mess with that.

    Seats are heavily bolstered. This is a Sports Car after all so should be. Comfortable for the 45-minute ride home. Menu display is of a tab design. Not sure about voice controls yet.

    Wheel was padded soft leather. Interior was a brushed suede with soft leather dash and instrument hood. Stitching was very prominent. Central wood accent was that Lake Michigan wood. Kind of cool.

    Steering wheel audio controls were not exactly intuitive. Once used to them they were ok but I am not a fan of mixed tactile roller switches and buttons.

    Could not get my old Motorola dumb phone to pair with the car.

    Seat heaters were on high when I got in and they heated the seats up in < a minute. I found the controls on the large central display to shut that off.

    PRND was a 4 sided pyramid hump in the central console. You can glide in N too ;)

    Left paddle shifter swaps from Stealth to Sport. Right from Normal, Hill1 (little more regen) to Hill2 (a lot of stop now regen).

    About all for now…

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  2. xcel

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    Re: 2012 Fisker Karma E-REV-50 in the drive.

    Hi All:

    Adjusted the audio controls as they were all over the map. Cleaned it up with a few touchscreen adjustments. Added all the SAT radio station presets.

    Touchscreen has an audible and physical haptic feedback. Not sure if you could hear/feel it if driving down the road but you can hear/feel it in the drive.

    While it is charging, I went down and got into the NAVI menus. You select a place and then you have to select a check mark. Also, POI search by name appears limited. Spelled out McCormick Place and it did not find it? Using the POI menu however --> IL --> Chicago --> Complexes and McCormick Place is the only one that popped up? NAVI system could use some help from maybe Garmin, Clarion or Alpine to clean the menu drill down action up a bit and add a nicer map display. It looks like a European supplier design with odd symbols vs. North American NAVI SW. I could be way off base with that statement.

    Charging... No light on the charging handle or within the port so doing it in the dark is going to be a pain. No external indication on the car providing a charge indication although there are 4 lights in the center (possibly SoC indication?) and 2 lights on the bottom (I think these are charge Yes/no status lights) of the charge box.

    List on this Sport model is $122,000 USD. Almost twice as much as I spent for my first house! If you have to ask the price, you should not be looking at high end ultra luxury sports cars ;)

    McCormick place is 50 miles out and I will have 50 miles available by morning. We'll see. Not sure how to precondition from within the display (I did not see a menu for it but it is surely in there somewhere?). It would be a smart move given the temps tonight.

  3. Carcus

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    Re: 2012 Fisker Karma E-REV-50 in the drive.

    You're supposed to be out carousing. ... trying to get laid in this thing.
  4. xcel

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    Re: 2012 Fisker Karma E-REV-50 in the drive.

    Hi Carcus:

    Too much CleanMPG work for that kind of activity ;)

    It sure looks "Fricken Hot" though!

  5. PaleMelanesian

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    Re: 2012 Fisker Karma E-REV-50 in the drive.

    If Top Gear's test with the Pagani is any indication, cars like this are serious Middle Aged Dude Magnets. :p

    Looks nice. There's a black one here in town. It looks like a longer lower corvette, but with some nice extra style features and a back seat.

    A coworker here drives a Cobalt SS with that same 2.0 turbo engine, good for 260 hp. I expect it won't actually provide that much to the wheels in this case, thanks to conversion losses.
  6. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Re: 2012 Fisker Karma E-REV-50 in the drive.

    Hey, maybe he was. If a guy can't get laid driving that car, he should grow a pair , or two.

    Or maybe just have sex with the car , it's gorgeous.
  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Re: 2012 Fisker Karma E-REV-50 in the drive.

    Good one, Andrew ! I know that this middle-aged dude gets his head turned by a car like this one , or a Model S.

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