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Discussion in 'General' started by TheStepChild, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. You guys. :D
  2. Cannondale adventurer any good? Last year model, retail was $600 he'd do $450.
  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    It's probably good , with an original price of $600. I've never tried one.
    Remember when Cannondale made a (gas-powered)dirtbike ?
  4. Thanks for all the input.

    Bought the Giant Cypress.
  5. ksstathead

    ksstathead Moderator

    Congrats and good riding!
  6. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Lock cable etc?
  7. I've got a bike lock & cable for the moped I'll use. Need to get a helmet I think.
    Going to be a week or so before I bring it home. They wanted to prep it or something.
  8. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    James-in the past I used big Kryptonite motorcycle U- locks
    maybe 10" by 18"-3 lbs
    Plus a 12mm cable
    The U-lock thru the frame and some thick steel-bike rack- light pole
    the cable thru the wheels and frame rack-as added discouragement
    The cables can be defeated with good bolt cutters
    the U-lock can be defeated with a grinder cut off wheel
    perhaps the u-lock-can be frozen-hit with hammer-but if they are dragging liquid N2
    well you are screwed.
    How is the bike theft situation there??
    Parking it in a high traffic area-where you can periodically eyeball it-important also
    Sucks but thieves are thieves-so
    I had a moped stolen but never a bike-Puch 1982-wish I had it-100 mpg-
    that Puch-good darned moped-honest 100 mpg when cars-my 1980 D-100 318- got maybe 12 mpg city

    Plus good exercise and it is counts as "Quality time with wife" yeah you should get 2x credit wife time-I'm getting at least 2x credit for walking Arty(dog) with Karen(wife)
    Arty certainly approves!
    PS- BIKES ARE FUN!! I ride everyday
  9. I had a puch moped once. Also had a different moped that was front wheel drive. Motor above the front wheel. I left it at my parents house, tucked in behind a shed and fence when I moved out. Forgot about it, went by and cased the place seeing if it was still there a few years after they moved out, nope. Can't remember the name of it
  10. RedylC94

    RedylC94 Well-Known Member

    Could that front-drive moped have been a Velosolex (or some Asian copy thereof)? They were a comically antique and eccentric French design, very primitive, compared to other European mopeds of even 30 or so years ago. Puchs were more mainstream.

    Congrats on the new bicycle! If you're in good shape, you might be faster on it than on a Velosolex.
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  11. Seeing it, I do remember solex in the name.
  12. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    I think solex was a USA made moped(Looked it up-yeah-it was the longer name-French made-but for obvious reasons we-9-1 yo kids) never called it Velosolex)
    In 1960 kid I played baseball with rode to practice on a Solex
    and now that you mention it-I think that sucker drove the front wheel
    maybe it even sat on the fender above the front wheel??
    Maybe belt drive-but don't specifically know if it was belt or chain
    but I do seem to remember it was a moped-and drove ft wheel??
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  13. RedylC94

    RedylC94 Well-Known Member

    Velosolex was thoroughly French, as far as I know. Yes, the engine perched atop the front tire, which it drove through a small roller. They were cheap, relatively light, easier to pedal without the engine running than more modern mopeds, and used less fuel than most, but otherwise were inferior in nearly every respect.
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  14. About how long does it take you to ride 20 ish miles? What a decent or avg speed over flatish ground?

    My one account I work, the place is about 17 miles away - one way. Most all equipment is on site. I've often thought about taking the MOTO guzzi in during better weather. If it can maintain 25-30 mph, it would take about 30 minutes. Rated at 100+ mpgs. Idk. Wondering about working up to the bicycle. Not on a schedule so to speak, as long as I get there between 6-7:15 am I'm good. So wouldn't matter if I were slow.

    edit -

    anyone using phone aps to track their rides? Downloaded MyTracks and am playing with it a bit. tracked our dog walk today.
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  15. ksstathead

    ksstathead Moderator

    For a nice round number, assume 10 mph on a bike.

    If you will push yourself (sweat significantly), then depending on your fitness it may be more like 15 or even 20 mph.

    My fitness is so-so, but on a workout ride I might do 14 mph, while my commutes tend more toward 10.
  16. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    I average about 12 mph on the roads.
    in general a 12-15 mph pace when you are actually pedaling is a decent pace for a normal not young adult
  17. RedylC94

    RedylC94 Well-Known Member

    Serious bike races would cover that distance in 40 minutes or so.
    For me, about 62 minutes under ideal conditions if highly motivated, or 72 minutes as a realistic minimum in moderately rolling terrain. (Although I've lived in five states, I've never lived where I could ride anywhere 20 miles away all "over flattish ground.")

    The rather hilly 10-mile route to where I often buy groceries, on a touring bike carrying anti-aerodynamic pannier bags for the groceries, with several stop signs and 3 stoplights, takes about 45 minutes (say 13.3 mph). The return trip loaded with 20ish pounds of groceries takes a few minutes longer.

    If there aren't too many traffic and stoplight delays, you can probably average 12 mph fairly easily, and work up to faster as your condition, confidence, and expertise improve. Have fun, and watch out for the crazy drivers!

    For those 34- and 40-mile round trips, you'll need to bring water (Got a bottle yet?) and remember one of the oldest---and still best---cliches in cycling: Drink BEFORE you're thirsty.
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  18. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    I always push my speed when riding and 12-15 is what it usually is. It's on chat though and there is usually lots of sweat.

    I use Sportstracker Pro to track the ride. You can upload the ride, then watch it with Google streetview. I used the free version first. Someone here used it for their commute and I tried it.
  19. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I have a normal route that I used to go on almost every day after work. Used to , because then I got home from work at 2:30. This route is 90% trail , flattish ground (IL) , ten miles out and ten miles back. Before my knees started to fail , in 2010-11 , I could do that trip in 83 minutes. Other times , I have averaged 14 mph over thirty miles.

    But I 'm 60 and have asthma. YMMV.

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