Saving Gas By Hypermiling

Discussion in 'Articles' started by xcel, May 11, 2007.

  1. ksstathead

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    Re: Saving Gas By Hypermiling.

    Great job guys!

    A few interviews like these will put these techniques in the mainstream, saving much more fuel than just your own usage.
  2. Chuck

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    Re: Saving Gas By Hypermiling.

    Welcome aboard!

    Do you live in viewing range of Tulsa? You nickname implies you are Kansas St alumini.
  3. ksstathead

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    Re: Saving Gas By Hypermiling.

    live an hour north of Randall with roots an hour south of him. Don't know him except from the story and posts. No tie to KSU (an OSU Cowboy). Handle refers to statistics on certain KS high school sports (volunteer for school).

    Anyway, just a newbie trying to make gradual improvements to mileage as I learn and practice the techniques. Early tests were better than gradual. Took 2WD Tacoma PreRunner (aerodynamic like plywood) from 4 year average mpg of 17 (old EPA 17/20) to a long highway segment of 25 mpg with added air pressure (still under sidewall), no AC, freeway at 65-68 v. 75ish, a little distance drafting, and generally a little less agressiveness. In 4 years I only had one tank over 20 (21) before this, including several pure highway tanks.

    Not ready to trade my 1 mile commute, but now know it will kill my results even with the Prius I'd like to buy.

    Thanks for your work on this site.
  4. Tochatihu

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    Re: Saving Gas By Hypermiling.

    Bumping an older thread to put this on your reading lists:

    It is from "Toyota's Official Blog" so it must all be so :) As first seen in PriusChat, so no finders-credit goes to me.

    I actually did like the part about adjusting tire pressure to obtain even wear across the tread. Been spoutin' that for years.

    Hope this is not a re-post. I did check.

  5. desdemona

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    Re: Saving Gas By Hypermiling.

    I think this was a decent article, though somewhat self-serving (and why shouldn't it be-- love the bit --if you drive a Tundra or Corolla doesn't matter...). I'm not sure I liked everything, but i esp. appreciated that they didn't throw in the "close in drafting"!!!!!!!

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    Re: Saving Gas By Hypermiling.

    I saw this on PC yesterday and had plans to post it here, but I got busy and forgot. Thanks for doing it for me, Tochatihu.
  7. jks1952

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    Don't know about Ohio, but my efforts (just starting basically), I think are helping.

    Lot of traffic to really take total advantage of hypermiling, but 55-60 MPH helps.

    Anybody use fuel additives or cleaners?

    Regards, jks1952
  8. yaris12

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    I read one of the hypermiling articles and is mentioned to stay off the freeway. My gas mileage improved by 10% and still improving. How do people get awarded a status. Skilled, expert, elite etc?:)
  9. ksstathead

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    It is a percentage of EPA. Put your car in the mileage logs, then link your data from those logs into your signature for your posts. There is a thread on the linking...

    Welcome to cleanmpg!

    I actually do well on the freeway since you can keep your momentum except in stop & crawl. Just slow down and DWL a bit.
  10. PaleMelanesian

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    I believe you have to log >5000 miles to get the badge. Then it's a matter of how far above your car's epa rating you are whether you get skilled or expert.

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