2013 Toyota Avalon Preview - Golden Gate in San Francisco

Discussion in 'Website news & discussions' started by xcel, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Hi All:

    The 2013 Avalon Hybrid Album is up...

    2013 Avalon Hybrid Album

    However the two best pics I have are of the std. 3.5L V6 2013 Avalon as shown below.




  3. ncee

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    Thank you for the posts.

    Question, just wondering, which color(s) exterior / Interior did you like.

    Not sure I'm liking panels that are colored and placed on black panels. I'm thinking I would rather have the door panels that colors without these inserted panels.

    I want to go with the Nautical Blue, but will need to see what interior options they offer, and how it looks.

    My second choice will be the Sage with Tan / Brown interior

    3rd will likely be the Brighter Red with Tan.

    Did any one of the colors seem to be more favored by folks during the tests?

    I think all cars can and do look different in different colors. By this I mean, the Red may look more sporty then the Sage and such.

    I will say, the black in several pictures I've seen does look pretty sharp. My Black Touring Edition was nice, but didn't seem to "Pop" like this Black does.

    So what are you testing now?

  4. xcel

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    Hi Skip:

    I am a white/silver exterior, black interior guy when it comes to the luxoliners. I really liked the black floor/off-white leather interior color scheme.

    This is my personal preference as those tan/orangey looking leathers did not do it for me...


    At most launches, the journalists request silver because they look best in pics that we may stop at and take along a given drive route.

    Hoping to get a 13 RAM 1500 this week?

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  6. xcel

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    Hi Skip:

    That is MT for you.

    I could toss in maybe 20 cars we have driven this year, some good and others not so good but when it comes to buying, how many people are really going to buy an ILX/CTS/ATS/911/Malibu (terrible car by the way)/CODA (another terrible car)/LS/SL Class/Boxster?

    The Avalon will not make it in the MT COTY but it will provide its owners with large car size at a large car price with all the latest safety innovations and toys.

    PS: Get the hybrid ;)

  7. ncee

    ncee Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this doesn't look to bad here.

    I will need to look at all options if possible before I decide.

    With the 40+ cars I've had, it's hard to get something new, although I can say, the option you've shown is one I haven't had, or at least not in a long time.

  8. ncee

    ncee Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I kind of figured that out. These folks drive so many cars, and I'm SURE they look at the whole picture …

    - Who needs this the most?
    - Who spends the most here?
    - Which car will benefit most from this?
    - Which makes us look good if we pick it?
    - Which car is best for the money?
    - Which car is the best?
    - Which car would I like to be seen in?
    - Which car would I like to drive across country (Avalon would likely be high on the list)
    Unless of course money isn't an object then I'm sure the are no less then 15 cars they would pick first

    In any case, I don't believe I have ever owned a MT COTY car, and that hasn't hurt my feelings or my me wish I bought that car over whatever I had that year.

    It sure would be shame for the car to loose just because it's not as pretty as they'd like.

    Seems like even writers (Some) are fain:)

  9. xcel

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    Hi Skip:

    I think we all have a touch of that in our psyche :)

  10. ncee

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  11. ncee

    ncee Well-Known Member

    After all this waiting - I have even more!

    I'm pretty sure I want the Nautical Blue with Almond interior, and those won't be released until after 1/13/2013?

  12. xcel

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    Hi Skip:

    Take your time as it is not a vehicle you have to have this very second. The vid was Jack Hollis', Toyota Vice President of Marketing. A bit too much “Ra Ra” in there of course given this was a Toyota vid but it is a nice step up from the current gen in terms of styling (especially inside), chassis dynamics and especially the hybrids fuel economy.

  13. ncee

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    Hi. I just noticed that all the hybrids come with 17" tires / rims. My guess is that is for ride quality, smoothness and comfort. Why did the go to 18" on the gas models then? I just the low end ones might make sense, but most anyone purchasing the LTD model, would like want the smoothes, quietest most comfortable ride available, right?

    After taking the gas model LTD (No hybrids in yet) for a test ride, buy I'm not sure. My 2011 seems smoother, and in some areas far more luxurious then the 2013:(

    I'm sure Toyota is trying to appeal to 2 different markets, and while that admirable, maybe not the right thing to do.

    Maybe make the Avalon the Luxury Sedan it is, and introduce a new sports model car for those folks?

    Some of my first thoughts:


    Well first my quick first impressions. (about 30 minute drive, 18-22 miles +-)

    The good:

    - The fit and finish is very good
    - The doors feel real good and solid opening & closing
    - The interior, (seats, floors, Center Console, Dash) is very nice
    - The Nav is much nicer in appearance
    - The GRILL is fine with the nice larger plastic plate frame that comes with the car
    - Back Seat Heated and spacious

    The NOT so Good
    - The sunroof cover is WAY to thin, and cheap (weight savings)
    - The seat belt straps are thinner and feel cheap Although they pull nice, firm and smooth. (weight savings)
    - The steering wheel will take some getting use to (it's slippery so you have to hold on tightly (maybe making you tired))
    - Back seat should have a fan control along with the temp control
    - Rear seats took a long time to heat up
    - An awful lot of plastic (and thin too) (weight savings)
    - Super Saver Spare Tire (weight savings)

    The Not sure yet:

    - The seats are nice and firm (Long rides?)
    - Controls on the dash are a bit of a reach for me
    - Not any quieter then my 2011
    - Different ride then my 2011
    - Not sure I like the different panels/colors. I really like the way it looks in my 2011.

    These are just a few of the things I got out of my first test drive.


    While these aren't deal breakers, just not sure I like the fact they seem to be going backwards as far as quality … or least it seems like it to me.

    __________ 2nd ride

    About the only difference is my son's comments (28 yrs old), and he said just what Toyota wants I'm sure -

    "Wow this is a car I could easily see myself driving" (or wouldn't mind being seen in)

    "Much more of a younger style and feel to this car" (you do look good in it Dad) (I think he wants me to buy it so he can drive it:))

    The Mood lighting is nice.

    The headlights were nice and bright (a plus for me, being color blind and all, bright lights are real nice at night) (oh, and nice for anyone walking or hitch hiking too:))

    I will say "I for one would rather get less MPG to be more comfortable" Now good MPG and comfort is a great idea, but it doesn't seem they are able to shave the weight in areas that don't matter to some degree. I'm sure it's a matter of an oz, here and an oz there, but areas should be touched. I mean really, how much would the MPG's go down, if they'd have keep a nice thicker, more sound absorbing sun roof cover?

    Hell as little as I use the sunroof, I'd be fine ordering this car without one. It's not like we get much use up here in Maine. And when I'm traveling on the highways, I like comfort / quietness, so it's not open much.

  14. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    I finally saw a 2013 Avalon on the road and it really stood out. The LED DRL accents, aggressive nose and sleek profile make this car so much more modern than its predecessor and Toyota will be selling a lot more. The March sales report showed the Avalon was purchased by 6,982 new owners vs 3,327 in March of 2012, a +117.6% increase.

    Good stuff and finally Toyota is offering an interior they can brag about.

  15. ncee

    ncee Well-Known Member

    And after all this waiting, with a TON of excitement and 2700 miles on the car, I traded it in on a 2012:( :)

    Both sad and happy.

    Sad because the car wasn't all I got myself up to be / expect. It was much rougher a ride then I could live with. I drive 35000+ miles a year, and comfort is very important to me. Yes I took it for a test ride, but not long enough in the end, and I'm sure I was so damn excited I didn't notice the ride comfort or lack thereof at first.

    The car also looks and feels much smaller inside.

    The road noise was WAY more then I expected. Now this may have been due to the low profile tires, but it was very loud / noisy on the highway.

    The car WAS great in many ways.

    The fit, finish and trim, was top notch, although I wasn't real impressed or happy with the door panels, door pockets.

    The back seat area was smaller and less comfortable - this was pointed out to me by several passengers.

    The Tech Package was AWESOME, albeit a bit dated (several friends with older Fords had some of the same features for the past 2 years or so.

    My cell phone didn't work well or often (They said they were going to replace the head unit, but I traded before then)

    The seats while nice and firm, were nice and firm, and not as soft or cushy as I like for long drives.

    The trunk opening was smaller

    Hell I could knock this a lot, for MY needs, taste or what I wanted it to be, but I won't.

    It had many nice features, as noted: Tech Package, Fit, Finish and trim, Paint, LOOKS, Styling, and as a "Premium Luxury SPORTS Sedan, it's great and will sell well. Although my local dealer has sold only 1 to me in the past 5 months, and now has some of them On-Sale.

    Oh, I traded for a 2012 Avalon, and I'm real happy … and sad. Maybe they will make an olde fart version on the Avalon next year:)

    - Softer Ride
    - More Cushy Ride
    - Quieter (Just sounds like the right tires for an LTD, long haul cruiser)
    - Bigger trunk opening
    - Larger interior

    oops, I'm describing a New car:)


  16. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Skip:

    WT??? The Hybrids saving at the pump was an incredible advance. Interesting comment about your ride experience. As Toyota improved its dynamics, they tightened everything from the steering to the knuckles and everything in between. Unlike any Avalon from the past for sure.

    I cannot wait to pass on your purchase and driving experience with the design team.

  17. ncee

    ncee Well-Known Member

    I guess I could have gotten a lemon, but it just wa s big disappointment. I have emailed and even spoken with a few Toyota people on the car.

    they should have used the same size platform as the earlier models, the NEW design, and made a LTD for old people (which I'm not, I just comfortable cars), a SS SPorty model for those wanting a sporty Avalon, a Hybrid.

    Now should I have tried a hybrid, yes, but they didn't have any around for almost 2 months after I purchased my LTD.

    They did have;

    - Firmer Seats
    - Sports Paddles Shifters
    - A Sportier Suspension
    - Tightened everything up …

    Which would have been good for the Sports model, just not what folks like me wanted in an Avalon, which I believe most would agree, has been a Luxury Car for most of it's life.
  18. ncee

    ncee Well-Known Member

    In a nut shell (in mine and a few others experience) - Toyota has created a VERY nice:

    Premium Luxury Sports Sedan

    But what I and others wanted was a:

    Premium Luxury Sedan

    I could send you the links to several forums where folks pretty much said the same thing as me, in that the 2013 road HARD compared to earlier models. Now if this was the goal, then they succeeded, if it wasn't the goal, then oops?

    Some folks on these forum, said they didn't purchased the new Avalon, because of the test ride, which they road to be harsh, rough, uncomfortable … while other did, and are hoping it gets better with time?

    Now I may just have been me, but I was thinking, hoping, feeling that the changes were going to make the Avalon more like the LS, but so much for thinking, hoping and feeling.

    I'm sure the sales numbers are very good, and with that, it will be hard for Toyota to make many of any changes. Hell, even if they made it so it was EXACTLY what I wanted, I don't think I could take another hit like I did purchasing one, and then trading it less then 30 days later, and I know I'm not willing to take this kind of a hit.

    When and if they make any major changes to the ride comfort, I hope they drive it and rough roads (Hell come to Maine, I'll drive it tell them if they got it right:))

  19. jcp123

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    I have always liked the Avalon...but the interior bothers me in this one. I think it does so because it doesn't continue that wide, expansive theme of having a single swath or character line run across the entire dash....also shocked to here that it's tuned less softly, I thought they had themselves a good niche there. Comfortable, composed, long-lasting, and it shuns the dazzle and flash of most luxury-type cars.
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  20. ncee

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    It would appear that any niche they had, they think was filled and so they needed to create another niche, which unfortunately leaves folks looking for a New Avalon Luxury car out in the cold.

    It is to bad, because I think they could have filled the old niche and made the new niche, by simply making a SS version, and the LTD for those looking for a Luxury Limo type car, but what do I know.


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