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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by 2011accent, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. 2011accent

    2011accent Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the free version of the Gas Cubby iPhone app as a way to track my mpg per tank. It seems like a good app. It allows me to track gallon price, fill-up price, mpg per fill and log maintenance visits. I'm thinking about getting the paid version, but I wondered if anyone has tried the paid version or other iOS mpg apps. I'm sure Android has some good apps like this, too, but sometimes apps aren't available on both platforms.

    I like that after I enter in the gallons purchased, gallon price and odometer reading the app automatically does the mpg math. It saves me from breaking out the calculator.
  2. FXSTi

    FXSTi Well-Known Member

    Android user here, so I don't know if they have it for iOS, but Fuellog works very well and I bought the paid version to support multiple vehicles.
  3. rfruth

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  4. 2011accent

    2011accent Well-Known Member

    I just got the paid version of Gascubby for my iPhone. It looks the same as the free version, minus the ads. I'm just not sure how to display the graphs shown on the App Store.

    I just discovered an app called Rev for iPhone which can turn an iPhone into a scan gauge by means of an App Store Software download and the purchase of a cable that plugs into OBD-2 ports and transmits to an iPhone via wifi. Interesting. The app is $49.99 and the module looks to be $149.99 new.
  5. Ophbalance

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    If you're going to drop that much money, you might want to consider a the ScanGuageII. I've got an el cheapo ODBII BT adapter that, while nice, is kinda useless for tracking tank averages if you've got more than one driver. Or you forget to hook it up.
  6. CRT1

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    It makes way more sense to me to get a ScanGauge or Ultragauge. Less money, no hooking it up every time you get in the car. It leaves your phone to be a phone. I don't prefer having my phone hooked up to anything while I am driving. If someone calls, its just something to get tangled up in.
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  7. CRT1

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    I just checked out the Milage Logs here at CleanMPG on my iPhone and it was pretty easy to add a tank through the web browser. Now that I have my SGII installed I will be tracking my mileage this way. Not quite as slick at Gas Chubby, but free and linked to this community.
  8. Bennett

    Bennett Well-Known Member

    I happened to have an old windows mobile phone hanging around I installed as a gauge with a Bluetooth OBD-II link. The setup isn't ideal but works well enough and only cost about $25 (software was free). Sadly i-devices won't work with a BT dongle, only the wifi ones.

    I use the site here to track fuel logs.
  9. 50 mpg by 2012

    50 mpg by 2012 Well-Known Member

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  10. Bennett

    Bennett Well-Known Member

    I added myself to that too - the range of averages for my car (08 HCH) was from 29 to 70mpg, overall average 44. EPA estimates 42. It looks like the lead foot brigade may be skewing the results as much as the hypermilers!

    It's a useful site to dig around in - fun if you like that sort of thing ;)
  11. Socal Monster

    Socal Monster Active Member

    I'll have to take a look at that app later it sounds really convenient to have.
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  12. Judith_Law

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    I use Vezma for tracking my mileage/expenses. Being in a car rental business, i find them really useful as they also have a pretty accurate real time sharing feature that let's me know where the drivers current location is. You can probably give them a try. Hope this helps.

  13. RoadWarrior222

    RoadWarrior222 rockit serjun

    Hi Bennett, still around? I'm just wondering what the windows mobile app(s) was, got a couple of devices I could dedicate to the car.
  14. timw4mail

    timw4mail Well-Known Member

    I use aCar on android.

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