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Discussion in 'Toyota Camry Hybrid' started by jrbjrb, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Hi Jrbjrb:

    During the preview, I found the Michelin’s were slick even under what I consider normal cornering. At the Malibu Eco launch on rain soaked roads in Texas, the Michelin's proved to be the worst handling tires by a long shot compared to the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max on the Malibu and the Hankook 426's on the Sonata Hybrid. Significantly so in fact!

    WOT in the Camry is irritating as well.

    The good stuff? It has a good amount of electric power to move you away from a stop when traffic allows, the warm-up hit is significantly reduced and the FE is up but not quite as much as the EPA would have you believe. The current Fusion Hybrid would still take it down at the limits but it’s a lot quicker than the current gen Fusion hybrid as well. Significantly so.

    Seating, I keep the seats way up in Toyota's since the seat bottom to short all the way up to the GS. Those seats were perfect ;)

    Try not to bring the TCH up to 30 mph before ICE light off under normal traffic conditions. Light to another red light, keep your speeds down if possible but 30 mph is consuming far too much battery and the work that MG1 will do to bring the SoC back will sink your overall FE rather than help it in my experience.


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