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Discussion in 'My Ride' started by PaleMelanesian, Jan 3, 2012.

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    3M makes an excellent UV and ozone sealer, intended for rubber rafts. A bottle will last you a lifetime for car duties in Florida.
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    Enough of this "pop pop pop" when I'm accelerating through a left turn. I bought a new right front axle to install this weekend. I probably could have just replaced the boot, had I done it earlier. I got lazy, so now it's probably badly worn and I'm doing a full half-shaft replacement to be sure. Also picked up the necessary 32mm socket and 1/2" drive breaker bar to remove the wheel.
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    That was one of my major frustrations of owning a MT Honda from that era. Both my 87 and 93 needed replacements during my tenure with them.
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    Done. The first side took hours, the second side took minutes. :p After replacing the right axle I inspected the left and found a torn boot there as well. Removed it and took both bad axles to Autozone for the core charge and brought home the new one.

    It doesn't change the way it drives, just eliminates the popping on powered turns.

    I used this tutorial:
    With one change: I could NOT get the lower ball joint apart, so I detached the back end of the lower wishbone instead.

    I replaced the transmission fluid in the process. Genuine Honda MTF, as I hear it makes a difference on these cars. Sales-kid at Autozone agreed, having tried generic in his 96 civic.
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    Congratulations! Now it should be good for the next 16 years.

    I replaced one of those once on my car. Draining the transmission oil was not necessary for it. The only problem was battered edges on the spline of the rebuilt axle.

    Did the sales-kid say that type of oil he tried, or why it didn't work? Earlier, Honda specified engine oil in its manual transmissions.
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    He used a universal product they sell at AZ, that specifically mentions Honda in its compatibility list.

    I lost about a pint of fluid when I pulled the axle out. I should have listened to the tutorial that said to drain it first. It was overdue for a change anyway.

    Honda did indeed spec motor oil for the earlier cars. I believe the new model in 96 was when the change happened. A new regulation in the early 90's limited the zinc in motor oil because it was fouling catalytic converters. Proper MTF still has that zinc included today, which helps preserve the transmission and give smoother shifting action. As a result, I'd use the MTF for even an older model that spec's motor oil.
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    I replaced a leaking transmission axle seal this weekend. It required me to disassemble the right suspension and remove the CV axle again. I should have replaced it when I did those axles, and saved myself a few steps. It was losing a few drops every night. I've been parking it over cardboard to catch the drips.

    So far no sign of drips since the fix.

    (part 15 in the diagram, and I did use Genuine Honda)
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    Hi Andrew:

    WOW!!! And a stick too :D :D :D


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