Trek Turns Two

Discussion in 'General' started by EdwinTheMagnificent, Aug 8, 2011.

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    My Trek turned three years old on August 9. Saturday the 18th I passed the 8000 miles mark , so about 2650 miles a year on average. Not a lot compared to some people here , but I feel good about it. My health has gone downhill slightly , so I don't ride quite as far or as fast as I did in 2010 and 2011 , but I still hope to get 2500 miles for calendar year 2012.
    A lot of things are worn or bent or otherwise sad on this bike. I put a new rear wheel on after breaking a few spokes on the old one driving thru scary storm debris on July 1. This wheel seems to have stronger (larger) spokes. The pedals are very worn and I'm sure would be slippery if I was to ride in wet or mud. The saddle is split in a few places , but still functions. Needs new brake pads. The handlebars have serious battle scars on the TOP , which I suppose I'm kinda proud of.
    If I buy a motorcycle next year, I will probably just keep this bike. If I do not buy a motorcycle , a new bicycle for approx $1000 will be in my garage. A savings of $4000 !
    And a lot fewer emissions.

    Ride safe.

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