72.9 Miles on One Charge

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    I would expect that that was the simplest manufacturing conversion. The MG1 maximum RPM would be the biggest change but that may have been a technical motor windings issue that they solved. I expect that the top speed and acceleration are de-rated. The Prius was such a successful design that stretching it a little was feasible. The Volt has a more properly sized ICE and Traction motor for a PHEV. The X-Prize 100 mpg. winner that weighed 800 lbs. shows the difficulty in achieving much over 60 mpg. in a real world 5 seat, air-conditioned turnpike cruiser. It's interesting how more cars are approaching the Prius body design. My early FFH tests showed an almost linear inverse relationship of MPG. to MPH. yielding 64 mpg. at 30 mph. That would extrapolate to over 70 mpg. at 20 mph. I think you were involved in the 2008 FFH 81 mpg demo that I think averaged about 21 mph. so you guys did some additional stuff, I guess. Getting car weights down below 2000 lbs. is going to get expensive with carbon fiber and electronic shocks, etc. The HVAC is the big killer over 50 mpg. Pumping heat is expensive.
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    Hi Lolder:

    MG1's 9,500 RPM limit is still intact and without a gear reduction. The current Gen III's 9,500 RPM limits are limits at just under 60 mph, not 41 to 45 as the HEV is being throttled to for current reasons, not RPM limitations. One the ICE is running, there are no MG1 limitations because it is well within its band.

    The Prius v has a secondary cooling loop for MG2 although not MG1 and I suspect the production Prius PHEV will incorporate that as well.

    Regarding the FFH, it is also a nice highway cruiser as it allowed 62 mpg over a mostly highway, 1,000-mile tank in the same summer following the Fusion Challenge.

    The VOLT was built as a full range PHEV with no limitations to speed other than max “Q” ;) The Prius PHEV is limited to 62 mph on the pack and as a PHEV, it is intended to be driven as a blended mode hybrid to reduce fuel consumption at a price people can afford.

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    I'm not sure what you were doing in your FFH, Lolder... but my wife's returned just barely under 50mpg when using DWL around 60mph, with a fully loaded vehicle, and with the AC on. With just me and a whole lot less use of the AC (;)) it will return comfortably over 50mpg in the same circumstances.
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    at 55 mph i get about 50 miles on battery
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