The Sonata Hybrid is coming

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata Hybrid' started by David Gershon, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Hi David:

    Ward's reported it already ;)

  3. Right Lane Cruiser

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    So how many of our members are planning to purchase one of these hybrids when they are finally available?
  4. Airbalancer

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    Starting to look at something new with the wife
    CT200H she thing may be to small
    She likes the HS250
    I said Hyundai is bring a hybrid and her comment was she never heard anything good about Hyundai
    Could be a bit of work to get her there
  5. FSUspectra

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    She obviously hasn't talked to anyone that has a newer one. They are worlds apart from their predecessors. You already know this though. ;) Even their new non hybrids are bringing awesome FE to the table.
  6. MaxxMPG

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    To those reading this who haven't heard anything good about Hyundai:

    Case 1 - My brother had a 1990 Excel two door, purchased new. He drove it to about 130k when a truck tire came at him, bouncing over the guardrail on 495, and hit the windshield header, resulting in the car being written off. The car had it's minor quirks (I can tell you about the wonderful anti-theft device it had if you're interested), but it was very reliable, fuel efficient, and cheap to maintain/run.

    Why was Hyundai considered such a bad car back then? Poor maintenance by too many owners. My brother does all his own repairs/maintenance, and this little Excel was his get-to-work car, so it got what it needed on the first sunny Saturday that came along. The "Cars That Make Sense" sold to people who thought that new cars don't need anything but gas in the tank for the first ten or twenty years. And then when the problems come after two or three years of the same charcoal oil, the car is blamed for the problem.

    The little Excel was still going strong with way over 100k on the clock, and the periodic maintenance it needed was simple enough for a shadetree mechanic to perform in a residential driveway. Fast forward to today, and Hyundai offers the service manual online for owners to perform their own maintenance and repairs. For people who are willing and able to perform their own maintenance, Hyundai should be at the top of their shopping list.

    Case 2 - My sister has a tendency to kill any car she owns. She hasn't much luck with Honda or Toyota either, although her current car is a Toyota convertible and it's holding up so far over the last three years.

    For obvious reasons, she leases cars. After three or four years, she's ready for a new one.

    The only cars she couldn't kill? A 1999 Sonata GLS and a 2002 Sonata GLS. Both were completely trouble free, needing only front tire replacement and one headlight bulb replacement. After the '02, she went to Toyota to get a convertible, because Hyundai didn't (and still doesn't) offer a ragtop. The first Toyota convertible had the typical Toyoglide slam-bam shift defect, the usual suspension/steering issues and resulting rapid tire wear, premature brake wear, and the typical electrical quirks. She leased another one - her current car - because there were no other fwd ragtops worthy of consideration. So she made sure it'd be under warranty for the time she owned it, and decided to give it a try. The newer transaxle is smoother and doesn't seem to be as failure prone, and she hasn't had any issues with the BCM and harness bug.

    Still, if the Sonata convertible that you can find Photoshopped out on the web should ever see the light of day, she'd buy/lease one in an instant. And I would buy one or maybe two, so my wife and I wouldn't have to fight over the keys. Wouldn't be the first time we had his/hers convertibles.

    So what should be thought about people who have never heard anything good about Hyundai? Well, they're the people who go to the same dealer every five years to buy the same car. When I bought the 2011 Sonata a year ago, I had told my mom at some point and she said, "Hyundai builds a good car. Your brother had that little red one that wouldn't die. And your sister had a few of them and they never gave her any trouble." Other than the shared experience within the family, how would she know anything about Hyundai? I suspect that the image will improve as sales improve. More people who own a Hyundai will share the positive ownership experience with friends and family and word will spread. It's a slow process, but Hyundai's commitment to the product and positive press coverage will help to keep that process moving along.
  7. xcel

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  8. Airbalancer

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    I can not get her read links on our up coming mediterranean cruise
    I do not know if I can get her read car threads :D
    But thanks for the links
  9. xcel

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    Hi Airbalancer:

    You are very welcome.

    Have fun in the Med too :)

  10. Ophbalance

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    I'll throw in my thoughts here too, if it helps. I've owned a:
    * 93 Accord - stranded me on no less than 4 occasions
    * 86 Civic - same, at least 4 occasions
    * 03 Escape - transmission imploded with 90 miles left on the factory warranty... working on taking out its second at 100k when it was sold. That little adventure went 2.5 weeks as the second (and third!!!) replacement tranny they used had issues.
    * 87 Caravan - Transmission went when sold (no surprise there, it's just a mopar thing), electrical system started failing before we sold it in 94, lost A/C, lost cruise, etc.
    * 88 LeBaron - Two head gaskets, one turbo, 6 heater cores, struts, shocks, pads, coil packs, transmission slipping, tie rods, tie rod bushings... a bloody nightmare on wheels with 16 pages of repair history from the local shop!

    Now, of those brands, Honda/Ford/Dodge are no longer on my "to buy list". I've also owned:

    * 99 Elantra - sold at 137k miles, mostly because I wanted something that my wife could drive more efficiently. It's history is two window motors died, one coil pack, one flex pipe (darn northern states are killer on exhaust), one set of pads, one tape deck, and scheduled timing belt/water pump/ aux belts. That's it. The couple I sold it to replaced their 90s Exploder with my car, and I still see it tooling around the area a year later.
    * 06 Kia Sedona - Went in for a recall for a MIL. Has a battery drain in the door (has a TSB, but I'm outside the warranty). Still has one more recall that I need to get to... but it was pretty minor. It's given me 50k trouble free miles thus far
    * 05 Prius - Needs to go in for a recall on the coolant pump, and is throwing a MIL for a known TSB (again, out of warranty), but has given me 40k trouble free miles.

    Of the brands I've owned... Hyundai/Kia are still my favorite. I'm thinking that the Prius, when time to be replaced in 5-7 years, will put me back in a compact Hyundai again.
  11. FSUspectra

    FSUspectra Practicing true conservatism!

    I like my Spectra (I don't love it), but I haven't had any issues with it other than a clutch and slave cylinder needing replacement at 76k miles. But I am the second owner, and have no idea how those first 15k miles went on the car :rolleyes: and I wasn't the finest manual tranny driver myself. Also needed a passenger seat weight sensor for the airbags at 78k miles... to the tune of $600... and an O2 sensor replaced under warranty at 20k miles.

    But it is my favorite of the cars I've owned.
  12. Right Lane Cruiser

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    My 2002 Elantra has been a fantastic vehicle. It has never stranded me and I'm pretty sure the most expensive repair I had (fuel pumps) was due to damage caused during a recall service (seems the gas tank might have leaked if the car was ever upside down). About the only complaint I've had is that it tends to burn out headlight bulbs every 10mo... probably due to higher than normal voltage at the bulbs. Since I started coasting engine off so much it hasn't needed a new bulb in several years. <shrug>

    It isn't the most efficient out there (though with the right techniques it is quite competitive ;)) but it has been very reliable, the fit and finish is great, and the interior has held up very well over the 101K miles I've owned it. The car still looks and drives almost like new.
  13. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    My family has owned 5 Hyundais. Four (1994, 2000, 2006, 2006) are/were Elantras, and one is a Sonata. The 1994 died a few months ago from a broken timing belt, despite timely servicing. The only other problem worth mentioning is 6 window regulator replacements on the 1994 and 2000. They've been reliable vehicles, and I'll seriously consider another when it's car shopping time again. We won't be looking for anything as large as a Sonata, though. Hopefully Hyundai will have an Elantra hybrid, or a GDI Accent out by then.
  14. owlmaster08

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    Me and the wife are definitely considering one!!
  15. carrmann

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    I used to have a bad opinion of hyundai myself. Always referred to them as throw-away cars... was a used car dealer working for my dad. We only sold a few hyundais but never heard a single complaint about any of them.

    Got in this sonata hybrid we just bought and I was really shocked at the fit/finish... even more so when I drove it. Now I LOVE the car. Huge ride/fit/finish improvement over my fully loaded 08 grand prix.

    Coworker went for a ride in it today with me, he has a 07 BMW 3 series. He was so impressed he went to the dealership today to try out a Sonata lol.
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    ^^ rock on!!

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