FE Challenge 11 - Fall 2010

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by PaleMelanesian, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    I've brought my current tank average over 50 mpg, about halfway through. I may or may not finish it this month. Looks like I'm not going to retake the Div. B lead in this challenge. Good going Sulfuric.
  2. Sulfuric

    Sulfuric Well-Known Member

    I will see what I can do. Check back in a few days. There might be a thread on that "other website" that shows how people "eco-mod" their cars. Or something like that . . .

    I have a lot of studying to do as I'm barely passing physics and calc 2 but when I get bored I'll borrow a camera and see what I can shoot.

    And Sentra - we've still got a month left, and with a 50mpg tank for you I think it's going to be pretty close:cool:
  3. Sulfuric

    Sulfuric Well-Known Member

    Wow PaleMelanesian, 245%? That's mind-blowing, especially with colder temps. I rarely hit 200%, and I live in Florida, and I have aero mods.
  4. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I'm looking at 215% on this tank. Now is when the cold really starts to hurt.

    (cold... yeah, I know. :rolleyes: Had to scrape frost this morning! :eek::p:eek:)
  5. groar

    groar X-Frenchy: very

    /me jealous :eek:

    Do you really think we can believe that there can be frost in Texas ? ;)

    /me happy that the last 2 weeks of freeze are finished. During last 24h at home we consumed 33% fewer electricity than an average day during last 2 weeks :)
    Happily last week I went far from home for work and the car stayed parked 3 days :)

    This week I'm trying to set my schedule so I can avoid to have to switch on the lights...

    Next week I'll have to drive again the 300mi highway trip for work. As I'll fill-up before and after the trip, I have this week to improve my current tank and make it go over 60mpg.

  6. 2003protege

    2003protege Well-Known Member

    Well, back to the 44's for me. 640.8 miles @ 44.7 mpg. I'm not losing by as much! lol.

    I saw some just this morning!!! :rolleyes: Mind you I didn't have to scrape any off my windshield :D

    <edit> oh, I'm in Austin, TX... I need to update my info. I thought I had it entered! </edit>
  7. some_other_dave

    some_other_dave Well-Known Member

    Crap. 41 MPG. I knew this wasn't going to be a great tank. And it's going to get worse, most likely, for at least another month.

  8. LinuxGold

    LinuxGold Hypermile to the finest

    300 miles at 1/2 tank...
  9. epurvee

    epurvee Well-Known Member

    Just filled up. 605.3 Miles driven, 9.711 US Gallons of fuel. That averages out to 62.33 MPG for this tank.
  10. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    I just discovered California sneaked in 10% ethanol statewide since the beginning of 2010. Documentation here. I and other CA challenge participants need to change my/our handicap(s) to E10 and a 3% offset. I think my offset won't change, as 3% of 28 mpg isn't very different from 2% of 28 mpg. It might round up for some of the rest of you, though.
  11. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Really? Sorry to hear that.
  12. paulbates

    paulbates Well-Known Member

    The last two days of driving in < 10 degrees and Icy roads have destroyed my current tank. Hoping to make some of it back up. Wont be driving it much over the holidays.
  13. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    According to CARB, 10% ethanol will be federally mandated by 2012. The only good thing is we'll all be on a level playing field.

    My current tank has dipped a little, to 49.2 mpg indicated. I've been alternating lousy low mpg short and highway trips with excellent mpg regular trips. The next challenge, I'm going to do my best to eliminate those unnecessary short trips. One was to pick up a neighbor at a BART station when he and his wife came back from a trip to Scotland. I got 42 mpg for 20 miles, but it brought my average down. He gave me $20, so I came out ahead, but it was still unnecessary low FE driving. The other was taking a visitor 8.6 miles around town to show her our history and scenery. I got a lousy 28 mpg for those miles.
  14. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I'm biting my tongue about the CARB 2012 bit.
  15. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Looks like I'm done for the year. I'm on vacation for the next two weeks and I still have a half tank left. If I filled now, this 68 mpg tank would drop my average from 77 to 74.x mpg.

    I'm happy with my results. I'm matching last year's numbers, with two handicaps I didn't have then - 10% ethanol and a new route through the school dropoff line.

    I'll be checking in on this thread now and then but not daily.
  16. groar

    groar X-Frenchy: very

    Happy holidays and merry Xmas Andrew.

    I shouldn't fill-up again this year, but I always have one week of daily commutes.

    This week-end should be the last freezing nights before a warmer week :) consumption at home during last 6 weeks is 40% more important than last year during the same period, nullifying more than the 4 months saving during this summer :(

    I filled-up twice this week :
    • monday morning : 454 mi @ 60.533 mpg - daily commutes
    • monday night : 299 mi @ 59.92 mpg - highway trip for work @ 56 mph

    These last 2 weeks have been complicated... but finally I'm rather satisfied by the results as my goal is to stay over 60mpg for daily commutes.

    Last week : I hoped to have great results Thursday and Friday as they were going to be the hottest days. Wednesday the front right windows went down all alone and didn't want to go up anymore (the front left window did the same last spring...). Thursday Megane was at the garage for reparation and I worked from home Friday to have enough time to complete my work before Monday. Instead of filling up last week-end, I filled-up Monday morning while the temperature was always freezing...
    Despite this, the result was over the 60mpg :)

    Monday : left home, removed the freeze from the windshield and went to near gas station to pump up the tires, but 2 delivery trucks prevented me to do so. Went to my preferred gas station, filled-up, drove to the highway and pumped up the tires. On the highway I drove at big truck speed : 90 km/h instead of 130 (56 / 81 mph). In the morning the temperature was from -5°C to 3°C (23 / 37°F) and I kept the lights off. The night the lights were on and temperatures from 3°C to -3°C (37 to 27°F).
    Despite the colder temperatures compared to the same trip 2 weeks ago, the result was better : 59.9mpg instead of 57.4. The main difference was that during half first trip the grill block was too closed and the engine too hot so the ventilator was regularly activating.

    Yesterday morning I found the rear left tire flat... At the opposite of front tires this summer, the rear tires should be ok for at least 20000km (12400mi) so I just bring the nailed tire to my mechanic to be repaired... half work day lost.

    For current tank, I managed my morning schedules correctly to avoid traffic and lights. Sadly with the bad weather and the forthcoming Xmas holidays, the evening traffic has been very heavy and I lost at least 90 minutes in stop and start traffic and most of this time with lights on :-(

    Happily next week temps should be from 3 to 13°C (37 to 55°F). During evening I may have to overheat the cabin if I don't remove the upper grill block ;)

  17. paulbates

    paulbates Well-Known Member

    Great job Denis, you've worked really hard and your results show it.

    In my own way, I ended up the same way (not the 60+ mpg part :) ) : Only a little loss despite the complications

    I did my best to avoid the worst conditions and traffic and yet they found me. Especially two days of morning weather below 20°F with ice and snow all over the roads.

    Did not see a plow truck either day :(. Despite getting up early, the cold's affect on the vehicle and traffic were a double whammy. I "optimized" my air intake this summer and I think that I paid for it on these two days. Everything felt frozen, I could feel the engine/tran struggling; even the radio controls were hard to turn. The fewer early morning drivers were getting used to their first snow of the year and driving extra slow (some with there emergency lights blinking) and that sealed my doom by making sure every stop light was hit. My newly repaired gas gauge fell like a rock.

    I worked hard the rest of the week. Ended up down a little bit but kept near my percentage for the overall.

    I filled up about 60 miles away for trip back home last night and got outstanding mileage (outstanding for me - ~33mpg indicated) with 3 of us plus stuff in the van. I had to route around some traffic and ended up doing some extra city driving. I may go put those few gallons back in this morning documenting what this vehicle can do if I get it right

  18. Sulfuric

    Sulfuric Well-Known Member

    Lots of backroads highway driving, with some 30-50mph P&G and lots of DWL at around 45-50mph. Cool temps might have actually helped me as it let me keep my grill blocked up more than usual and reap the aero benefits from that. It's Florida so it's boiling compared to most of you but we did get some freezing temps a few days ago (baaaaaaaaaad for crops around here like strawberries). Anyway, :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    52 mpg tank :Banane17:

    Have fun Div. B
  19. paulbates

    paulbates Well-Known Member

    Andrew, I am done reporting. Tanks!
  20. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    My low fuel light came on at 518 miles, so I'm close to a 52 mpg tank. I'll probably fill up after the new year starts, as I'll be chasing Sulfuric into Division A for the Winter challenge, and need to keep the pressure on him. I also want to beat my previous high 552 mile tank, and prepare for a winter metric kilotank.

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