Anybody done a CVT to manual swap?

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by pasadena_commut, Sep 21, 2010.

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    ok here's a small update, all three of the trans mounts are different not just the one by the radiator. the trans mount that goes on top against the drivers side frame needs to be drilled out of the manual car and welded into place in the automatic car. they spot welded different threaded frame brackets in the different transmission cars!!! HONDA SUCKS. make the same mounting points and different brackets at least. so I'm at the stage where i have to drill out the spot welds and get a welder to my house to weld them back into the automatic cars frame. never seen anything so stupid in my life. ill be working on that tomorrow as well as the dash/dash wiring swap.
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    Ok So the car is running and driving as a manual transmission now as of 3 weeks ago. On top of the dash wiring harness swap you need to swap the chassis harness(the one under the carpet that spiders everywhere), or change (re-pin it)the one grey connector that connects on the left side of where the center console would be if it were installed. The connector has 4 wires going to it, two are blue with white stripes, one is blue with white stripe and yellow dots, and one is grey. in the auto harness it is the same colors but the plug is different (bigger) and wont fit into the dash wiring harness from the manual car. I had the correct harness from my donor car and so I changed the whole harness since I was changing the seats and carpet anyway. A portion of This harness goes under the ima battery box through the bottom of the car to the evap canister and the traction control connections. You must remove the Ima battery and entire box to remove and reinstall the chassis harness(this sucks so badly, have someone help you from the trunk side to feed the orange wires through the grommet, makes it SO much easier). While the battery box is out its a cinch to install the rear struts, try doing it with the ima battery box installed (good luck, it can be done but it like most everything else on this car sucks)

    You need the center console bracket that is welded to the chassis(drill it out and bolt it up in the auto frame or weld it in if you have the carpet out already). The bracket for the center console is integrated into the automatic shifter so you need the one that's welded to frame out of a manual car, or say screw it and don't bother with it. the console seems to be pretty sturdy without it. (I will be pulling the bracket out Saturday and installing it just because I've gone through hell with this car and now I must make it 100%.

    Another thing to note is that you can use the automatic gauge cluster, everything still works fine (its just has the prnd32l lights that don't light up for obvious reasons).

    You can use everything inside the ima battery box with the manual. auto stop, charge and assist still work normally. the part numbers are the same for auto and manual and the software is the same for both unlike the ecm. One thing about the autostop that I've noticed is that if you have the heat on the autostop wont work. I can see the autostop not working if the ac is on since the compressor isn't electric in these models :(, but the heat?? once again pretty stupid. The car is never autostopped for more than a few minutes and the heat coming from the antifreeze via the heater core is about 190+ degrees so its not going to cool down to a colder temp than what you have your climate control set to in just a few minutes or even ten minutes. Long story short, honda once again f'd up and should have tied the auto stop to the ac only. SMH

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