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    Hello All - I went to the Michigan Electric Vehicle Rally & Show in Livonia on Saturday, put on by the Michigan chapter of the Electric Auto Association. They mostly had home-made EV conversions there, using large packs of multiple 12V lead-acid batteries. But they also had a few new things there, including a Volt, a Think!, and a wheego (whatever that is).

    The most interesting display for me was the Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid prototype. Engineers from Ford were on-hand to answer questions and distribute literature. This vehicle is only available through utility companies, I think there's only 10 or so prototypes running around.

    One of the chief differences is that this uses Li-Ion batteries (10 kWh pack) rather than the NiMH used in the regular FEH. The specs page in the handout flyer claims:

    Charge time: 6-8 hrs @ 120V
    Fuel Economy up to 120 mpg
    Max speed 102 mph

    I snapped some pics to share here. Hope you enjoy.


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    There are 22 known Escape PHEV running around in the real world. I believe Ford's first one was "created" September 2007 but not released to the Southern California electrical company unitl December 2007.
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    Looking at one is fine... but how would you like to drive one?

    Ford just confirmed they will have a Ford PHEV for public test drives at Green Drive Expo in Madison, WI in a couple of weeks.

    See this CleanMpg thread for more details about the event.

    They will also have the Ford BEV to check out on the display floor as well.
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    thanks, too bad i'm nowhere near Wisconsin or the Bay Area ...
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    The ford escape hybrid was one of the cars/suv I've had my eye on. My eyes lit up when I read this post. I dont like the small feel and lack of space of a prius, but I dont need a truck or large SUV. This would be just right. I will try to follow news on this SUV closely.

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