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Discussion in 'Website news & discussions' started by Chuck, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Spammers are getting more sophistated.

    Now they are joining with limited social skills - enough to fool some.

    They still make posts that mean little to the thread and generally keep their idendity and ride a stranger.

    This may be to an "advancement" (?) in spamware/spambots.

    Anyway, if you see a newbie joining in the middle of the night US time with "sweet nothings", don't hesitate to click the triangle and give the reason as spam or possible spam - we will investigate and decide what to do.

    Thank you
  2. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    We get spambots and they are easy to catch, but at 2am most of us are not awake.

    When a n00b has a 50x50 pixel that seems offtopic, esp some pretty girl, please click the report triangle so we can look at it. Typically the profile has obvious nonsense
  3. TheForce

    TheForce He who posts articles

    Spammers? I have not seen one of those on here for a while. Of course I don't look at every new topic post either. You and the other mods seem to be very quick at banning them all ready. :D
  4. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    If anyone accuses me of being OCD on spammers, I won't deny it, but if you ask me their compulsion tops anything I've seen. These lousy spammers think they have won if their post lasts just two seconds and it gets Googled to promote visibility on whatever they are promoting.

    One reason you don't see much spam on CleanMPG is many times it's possible to 100% finger them before they even post. Moderators can see their IP, email addy, and if they built it - their sig. A number of anti-spam sites have databases you can search to see if their IP, forum nickname, or email is registered...if so they are dead on arrival. Also, it's common for spammers to join several dozen forums the day before - easily visible on Google....Google is their enemy in this instance. ;) If they have joined a fistful of sites, often I will see the spam before they do it here. If there are 1-2 suspicious things, I'll let it go but if it's conclusive or 3-4 things - off to BanLand. Can also compare the IP of a suspect against past spammers here.

    Spambots are becoming common - the profile has a nonsense profile such as "Bio: Man - Currency: 123456". They have a distinctive off topic 50x50 avitar.

    All I have to do is members that have lurked in the past 24 hours that are n00bs....their names are usually a red flags as they are strange, a product name, or off topic.

    I think it's worth it because I know at least one forum that is extremely lax on spammers, and it seems to encourage them to spam more. Maybe some spammers have gotten the message joining CleanMPG is not worth it.
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  5. TheForce

    TheForce He who posts articles

    Yeah I hate it when a site gets over taken with spam. Thats the reason I no longer visit anymore. I have not been to that site in I dont know how long. At least over a year. It was a decent alternative to for a while. I guess they just did not have enough mods to take care of it or the mods just did not care.

    At least here we have mods that are actually gods and are actively keeping thing under control. :D Same thing for the mods at :D

    Also do you want to buy any nIke shoes, IpoDs or mail enhancement products that will make you 2 more milliliters larger? :p
  6. Damionk

    Damionk DWL Lover

    Yes, I would like more long as it is not bills. :D:p

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