Details on Honda's upcoming VFR 1200 with DSG emerge

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    [​IMG] Honda design engineer Tsutomu Ishii provides the details... Some of the details anyway ;)

    [fflash=left][/fflash]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Sept. 23, 2009

    Including the first of its kind for a bike, Dual-Clutch AT, Mr. Ishii describes a number of engine features.

    Honda's all-new VFR 1200 – A promise that the Honda design engineers were tasked to take the Sport/Tourer far beyond where they and a bike have ever gone before.

    In order, he describes the V4 cylinder layout, crank design and cylinder firing order in detail both to reduce both size and weight but more importantly to reduce NVH to the point a balance shaft was not needed!

    To reduce engine height, Honda moved away from a tried and true DOHC and chose instead to use a unicam first used in their off-road big bores. Additionally, Honda is moving their bike engines into the car realm with a throttle by wire and advanced fuel injection system. And rumors still abound but “supposedly” the upcoming VFR will include a first for a bike, VCM!

    Because the engine is so compact (almost as small as a V-Twin), Honda was able to use a spherical frame design allowing the engine to be moved farther forward allowing the rider more room for both comfort and when driving the bike through a high speed chicane.

    All-in, a hot SuperSport with a less aggressive touring layout and nature whose engine can hopefully be controlled to sip fuel like a 600... We are talking an easy 70 + mpg’s if done right ;)
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    Hopefully the 2010 VFR will even lighter so they will attract more Sport oriented customers. 580 lbs currently is a little on the heavy side.
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    Honda and other motorcycle manufacturers usually emphasize performance over fuel economy to sell bikes, but it will interesting to see if Honda does give us a more fuel-efficient touring bike.

    Right now the BMW R 1200 RT has better fuel economy than the Honda ST1300, which has a V4 motor.

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    The engine is 50% larger than the current VFR and at best I would expect the weight and fuel economy to remain the same as the current bike. You can see my log to study what I have managed.

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