You're the disease and I'm the cure

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Chuck, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Another spammer joined with an IP from Moscow.

    Why did he think he would be under the radar with the usual moronic profile and a name like SwineFlu?

    Seriously, these spammers have single-digit IQs - spammers from the SAME place attack again and again and there is nothing subtle about it.

    As Sly Stallone once said: "You're the disease and I'm the cure..." :p
  2. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    My guess is that they don't speak a word of English, so they go to a US site like and take a word or words from the headline of an article, guessing that whatever it is, the word(s) likely will be understood by Americans.
  3. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

  4. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    Do we actually ever serve anyone legitimate from 80/3, 194/7, 196/7,
    or similar large european netblocks?
  5. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    I doubt it, Al.

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