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    Very true.
    While I keep my heaviest political leanings off of the site, my biggest reason for conserving fuel is politically based.
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    On the other hand, saying nothing is a bit like not voting...people who do neither shouldn't be surprised when things don't go their way. I'm very glad you started this thread as it was a good reminder to keep things civil and to be aware that what we say, and more importly how we say it, may be hurtful to others.

    Politics is one of those really horrible areas where opinion becomes reality. Without naming names, we have seen some politicians that appeared to intellectual to the point they seemed too distant. We have also seen other who were too "good ol' boy" for people to think they have a braincell that doesn't scream beer. Frankly, all politicans are really people who put forth an image that they hope to sell. Those images may not represent the actualy person and saddly don't show us how well the person can do the job. Even without the sales job, there are people of every type who could do the job and people of those exact same types who would destroy us (intentionally or not).

    At least as non-politicans, we are free to act as we believe without an excess worry about how the world will view us.
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    I encourage everyone to check a poll taken earlier this year: You're political beliefs This poll should assure everyone that the opinions at CleanMPG are a good cross section - not 80/20% one way or another. We occasionally get a few intense opinions and some think it represents a monolithic groupthink against them at times. So....
    • We have a good diversity of opinions
    • Whatever your opinion is, not as many agree with you as you might wish ;)
    • Try not to take it personally
    • Resist the temptation of getting too intense yourself
    • Please use the same restraint you would face-to-face
    • Contact the moderators or report a post if it really gets out of hand

    Even now, I'll talk with members in private and on occasion find out we differ on our outlooks more than I assumed. :eek:

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