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Discussion in 'General' started by BailOut, May 25, 2009.

  1. Bike123

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    I've been thinking of sewing a nylon fabric fairing for my Bob to keep stuff from poking out under the rails. Like Wri, I use use a Yakima bungee net over the top. I have used cloth bags -- the square bottom kind -- and they worked fine, but I would like the extra security of a fairing. I'll post pictures if I ever get around to making it.

    Good job on the biking, Brian!
  2. rdprice64

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    Thanks for the trailer info. So one new question: "Are the trailers easily detachable?" I have limited space, so I would need to detach and hang the trailer next to the bike, not attached to it, if that is feasible/possible.
  3. BailOut

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    Yes, trailers are easy to detach. Kid trailers attach with just one pressure knob and something like the Yak has quick release systems you can purchase rather cheaply. For my Yak I use a quick release hub that replaced the standard skewer through the rear hub of my bicycle and then 2 pins on lanyards that help lock the trailer on the hub.

    The QR hub was about $15 and the pins and lanyards are $3 for a package of 10 (I'm still on the original pair but it's nice to have some spares to keep in the under-seat tool bag).
  4. Kinder

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    Wow, awesome thread! Nice work, Brian. I too have a BOB Yak which has served me well. I took it on one 2500 mile tour (MN to CA) and another 1100 miles tour (circum Lake Superior)... but now I like panniers more, when I can get away with it. Here's some rides you might find cool and perhaps worth looking into as you get more and more into riding. Last summer I rode from Reno to Frenchman's Lake, hauling my camping stuff in the Yak... my friends had driven earlier in the day to set up camp and were shocked to see me roll up on my mountain bike. That's maybe 35-40 miles and 1500' of net climbing. I also have mountain biked up to the summit of Peavine on several occasions from downtown, a climb of 3800', and much of that is on singletrack. Takes me 5-6 hours roundtrip, but I don't know that I would do it in the heat of summer! Next goal: biking from Reno to Independence Lake on 4wd roads with the Yak--would be nearly as much climbing as Peavine, but over a longer distance. If I have time this summer, I'm thinking of riding to Black Rock Desert and crossing it under a full moon.
  5. WriConsult

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    You'll love it. I have done that very thing on the Alvord Desert in SE Oregon, similar to Black Rock but smaller (about 6 miles across). Being out on a playa alone under the moonlight is surreal and incredible.
  6. BailOut

    BailOut My favorite holiday is Earth Day!

    Wow, Kinder, I never even thought of putting the Yak behind my mountain bike. I have a hard enough time climbing the Miner's Trail on Peavine as it is. :p

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