60 years – Honda reaches 200 million motorcycles sold

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    1949 - The Honda Dream D-Type, Honda’s first motorcycle.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Oct. 30, 2008

    1949 Honda Dream

    Honda first motorcycle was named the Dream, a name that seemed to symbolize Honda itself. This machine was the embodiment of the company’s dream of becoming a full-fledged motorcycle manufacturer.

    TOKYO – Honda today announced that Honda's cumulative worldwide motorcycle production reached the 200 million-unit milestone last month. Honda achieved this milestone in the 60th year since the company began motorcycle production in 1949 with the Dream D-type (shown). It was just 11-years ago when Honda passed the one-hundred million mark.

    The history of Honda’s motorcycle business began with the start of mass-production of the Dream D-type in 1949. The Dream D-Type was Honda’s first full scale motorcycle that no longer had the look of a bicycle with an auxiliary engine. The design had evolved into something appropriate for a motorcycle with an innovative for the time, clutchless transmission…

    Production outside of Japan began at Honda’s motorcycle plant in Belgium in 1963, and since then Honda has been expanding its local production to many countries around the world based on Honda’s commitment to “build products close to the customer.” Honda first cultivates new markets and establishes a business foundation with motorcycles, which later serves as the foundation of automobile business. Honda currently produces motorcycles at 32 plants in 22 countries around the world. Moreover, Honda established local motorcycle R&D operations in the U.S., Germany, Italy, Thailand, China, and India dedicating its effort to develop motorcycles that meet the needs of local customers.

    Honda Motorcycle Milestone’s
    • 1949 - Honda Dream launched
    • 1951 - Honda’s E-Type 4-stroke
    • 1959 - American Honda Established
    • 1963 - Motorcycle Production in Belgium
    • 1969 - Honda CB750 Four
    • 1976 - CG125 Large Scale Production in Brazil
    • 1979 - Return to the Motorcycle World Grand Prix
    • 1997 - 100 Million Motorcycles sold worldwide
    • 2008 - 200 Million Motorcycles sold worldwide
    Honda’s annual worldwide motorcycle sales exceeded 10 million units in 2004. Honda envisions sales of more than 18 million units in 2010.
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    Honda motorcycles is part of my "roots" in the working world. I worked in a Honda shop from 74-79 during high school (& a year after). Started at a whopping $2.25 per hour.

    You meet the nicest people on a Honda.
    From Mighty to Mini, Honda has it all: Is a couple of the slogans I remember.

    Here is a link to a brief article about the start of Soichiro Honda's empire.
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    My user name is in tribute to the first Honda motorcycle I ever owned. It was a 1961 Honda Dream 305cc. Little did I know at the time that I would eventually be driving Honda cars. In fact, it's the only brand I've bought in nearly 30 years.

    The Dream 305, as it was known in Canada, opened the market to larger machines when the Super Cub 50 was all the rage. Soon after there were the Super Hawks and the Elsinore dirt bikes. California (and elsewhere) would never the same again with so many of these inexpensive and reliable machines being sold.

    Thinking back, I recall being impressed by the quality and clever design of the Dream. Compared to the typical British bike of the day, it was quite sophisticated: OHC, electric start, 90 mpg, quiet and reliable.

    Several years later I got back to riding enduro (dual sport) Hondas and still enjoy exploring the network of forestry roads in this part of Canada.

    If there is any better proof of the results of Honda's long-standing commitment to research and quality, it has to be their well deserved reputation. Sadly this is something too many other manufacturers don't seem to understand.


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  5. lightfoot

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    I did my part! I bought 7 Honda motorcycles. Each was different and all were outstanding.
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    I would say that the CB750 was probably the most important motorcycle of the last 50 years.
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    I had a Honda C90 moped when I was a kid, that thing was a blast.
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    My first mode of transportaion was a roughly used Honda XR80. I purchased it when I was 13 or 14 and drove it home without telling my parents - oops.
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    HCHCIN Well-Known Member

    I've never owned or even ridden a motorcycle, but that '49 Dream in the article is a work of art. Beautiful piece of machinery.
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  10. Earthling

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    With the pinstriping, that Honda Dream looks like a vintage BMW motorcycle.

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  11. macword

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    I love Honda...started out learning to ride on a Honda 160 street bike. I've owned 2 XL 185 bikes, and a couple of trail 90s. Bought my first Honda car in 1976...a new CVCC Civic, and have owned a string of Civics and Accords since.
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    I rode a Honda CB100 back in the mid 70s. It was fun and practical, and got over 90mpg. It would cruise great at 55, and was perfect for suburban riding.

    I also had a 1971 Honda 600 Sedan in the late 70s. It fit *inside* a 4 x 8 foot U-Haul trailer that I used to bring it home. Rebuilt the 2 cylinder 600cc engine and drove it over 50K miles without a single problem. No oil gauge or idiot light - the original owner threw a rod when it ran low on oil! Fun times - $5.00 filled it and gave me change. Drove from San Diego to Seattle on $20 a number of times in that car. Always got in the low 40's for mpg.

    I've also had 3 Honda Accords. Fun to drive. All had under 2 liter engines and 5 speed trannies. ;)
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    Honda Reaches 400 Million-Unit Milestone in Cumulative Global Motorcycle Production

    Hi All:

    Over 10-years later and Honda is still at it. This time after 70-years, the brand has surpassed 400-million bikes produced!

    Since the introduction of the Dream D-Type in 1949, Honda's 70th anniversary of motorcycle mass-production marks the company's 400 million-unit milestone for global motorcycle production.

    1949 Dream D-Type


    Honda was founded in 1948 and began mass-production of motorcycles at its first overseas production facility in Belgium in 1963. Since then, Honda has expanded its production globally in accordance with its fundamental principle of producing locally where there is demand. Honda currently produces a wide range of motorcycles, from 50cc commuters to 1,800cc models, at 35 facilities in 21 countries.

    Since its foundation, Honda has developed and provided products that meet the needs of customers in many countries and regions, based on its belief that "the purpose of technology is to help people." As a result, Honda achieved its 100 million-unit milestone in 1997, and its 300 million-unit milestone in 2014. In 2018, Honda exceeded an annual production of 20 million units for the first time in its history and enjoys strong support from customers in the Asia region and worldwide. Honda will continue to construct its development and production structure to meet rising demand. And, Honda will strive to realize is 2030 vision, to serve people worldwide with the "joy of expanding their life's potential."

    Honda's path to 400 million-unit global motorcycle production
    • 1948: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. founded
    • 1949: Honda releases its first major motorcycle model, the Dream D-Type
    • 1958: Honda releases its first Super Cub, the Super Cub C100
    • 1963: Honda begins motorcycle production in Belgium (its first motorcycle factory outside of Japan)
    • 1967: Honda begins motorcycle production in Thailand
    • 1968: Honda reaches 10 million-unit milestone for cumulative global motorcycle production
    • 1971: Honda begins motorcycle production in Indonesia
    • 1976: Honda begins motorcycle production in Brazil / Honda begins motorcycle production in Italy
    • 1979: Honda begins motorcycle production in North America
    • 1980: Honda begins motorcycle production in Nigeria
    • 1984: Honda reaches 50 million-unit milestone for cumulative global motorcycle production
    • 1992: Honda begins motorcycle production in China
    • 1997: Honda begins motorcycle production in Vietnam / Honda reaches 100 million-unit milestone for cumulative global motorcycle production (achieved in 48 years)
    • 2001: Honda begins motorcycle production in India
    • 2004: Honda exceeds 10 million-unit annual motorcycle production for the first time
    • 2008: Honda reaches 200 million-unit milestone for cumulative global motorcycle production (11 years since 100 millionth unit)
    • 2013: Honda begins motorcycle production in Bangladesh
    • 2014: Honda reaches 300 million-unit milestone for cumulative global motorcycle production (6 years since 200 millionth unit)
    • 2018: Honda exceeds 20 million-unit annual motorcycle production for the first time
    • 2019: Honda reaches 400 million-unit milestone for cumulative global motorcycle production (5 years since 300 millionth unit)
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  14. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I like the Super Cub 125 they sell here today. Not a big fan of that auto-clutch , you cannot get a beautiful shift with those.
    Okay , the last time I rode one was 1969 , and my memory is not 100% these.....what was I talking about ?
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  15. xcel

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    Hi All:

    I was a Honda CR125 Elsinore fan and owner myself.

    A quick history.

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  16. xcel

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    Hi Edwin:

    I found a good shot of your Super Cub. The 2020 Honda Super Cub C125.


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  17. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Ain't it beautiful ?
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  18. BillLin

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    I hope motorcycle manufacturers are cleaning up the tailpipe emissions. It seems to me the crowded cities in the 3rd world are choked with motorcycles and smog.
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  19. xcel

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    Hi Bill:

    They are as TWCs are mostly standard equipment here in the US and Canada. Everywhere else however is a damn mess. Even so, they do not have the same combustion or evaporative controls as cars and thus emit far more HCs. CO2 wise, most of the small 400 cc or under bikes are ok with 60+ mpg. The larger bikes however are no more efficient than cars. :(

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  20. litesong

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    My 1980 450cc Suzuki was the fastest in its day. Usually I drove it to get 70+MPG. Eventually, I changed the sprocket/counter-sprocket set 15%. It got really smooth on the Freeways, with 10% better MPG. At speed, I was at 110MPH & accelerating well. But I was over the design Top Speed, so shut it down. The scariest thing about being over triple digits was that I wasn't scared. I knew I was in trouble then.
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