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    hey im new here

    i have some questions to ask.
    im pretty sold on the new 2009 lancer and probably getting one pretty soon, but im a bit conflicted on whether to get the 5 speed or the cvt.

    i was wondering if you guys could tell me if i can still get really good mileage from hypermiling in the cvt?

    i love the manuals but im planning on keeping this car for a long time so i just dont want to deal with shifting all the time.

    thanks for the help!
  2. Walter

    Walter Well-Known Member

    One question would be: what is the final drive ratio for the two transmissions--which has the engine running slower for a given speed? For my car, the Honda Fit, the auto has a higher final drive ratio is higher (lower rpm) than the 5 speed. Theoretically then, the auto will get better mpg at highway speed. On the other hand, lnmcmahan has a 5 speed Fit and is gets much better mpg than me. Manual tranny gives better control over your driving for better mileage, but some people do outstandingly with autos.
    I had a Honda Civic HX CVT and it was quite nice to drive. Early versions of that tranny were bad and mine died; later versions were OK.
    All other things being equal I'd recommend a manual 5 speed for mpg, but you can do well with an automatic. Prius and Civic Hybrids have CVT.

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