CleanMPG Member's Fuel Economy Run III

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  1. lamebums

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    Presenting the Fall Economy Run, starting September 1 and ending on November 30.

    [xfloat=right][/xfloat]Auston Hensley - CleanMPG - August 24, 2008

    The CleanMPG Member's Fuel Economy Run is entering its third cycle and the first Fall run of its history with an already striking performance from its membership as seemingly impossible MPG numbers are being reported on all fronts. Indeed, many here make otherwise impossible MPG into an art form, even a sport. A hundred miles to the gallon or beating the old EPA estimates may seem impressive, especially when the old EPA estimates were criticized for being unrealistically high. But what about people getting a hundred miles to the gallon on a daily basis and doubling those EPA estimates?

    That is what we have seen in the CleanMPG Member's Fuel Economy Run just this year so far, and as it enters its third cycle I wish all its members good luck especially as later in this cycle temperatures will fall and the FE seen this summer will become more of a challenge. :)

    The CleanMPG Member's Economy Run was conceived between lamebums and Daox back in February of 2008, whereupon we'd take our cars and push the mileage to the max over a three month period, originally conceived as the "God of Small Toyotas" Economy Run. The rules were crude and simple: beat the EPA estimates for our cars, and beat it by as much as possible. The first event was a great success for everyone involved and quickly expanded to include large numbers of CleanMPG members into what we know today.

    With the continuing success of these economy runs I'd like to open a thread for another one. This one will officially begin on September 1 as the previous economy run wraps up and victors are declared.

    You can view any of the previous economy runs here:

    I: February 1 - May 30, 2008. Winner: PaleMelanesian
    II: June 1 - August 30, 2008. Winners: CobraPond (A), lamebums (B)

    In Division A, CobraPond is our defending champion with a previous run of 262.01% of the new EPA. :flag:
    In Division B, lamebums is our defending champion with a previous run of 172.90% of the new EPA.

    How to Join

    Anyone who's interested in participating in the September to November economy run, all you have to do is the following:

    1. Post here in this thread to let me or the other moderators know you're going to be in. Or you can PM me (lamebums).

    2. Create a new mileage log. This will be an alter-ego of your vehicle, except make sure you use the 2008 EPA ratings for your car found at

    2a. Also provide us with a picture of your car.

    3. When the logs are created, make sure the link to your mileage log gets to us so we can post it on the standings.

    4. Then this becomes like any other daily grind thread. Be sure to check back regularly for updates. :)


    To avoid needing a 2008 or newer handicap we all use the new EPA estimates for fuel economy.

    Hybrid vehicles get a 25% bonus due to many non-hybrids being rated for FE while not considering Fas and other techniques (in effect, a hybrid without the autostop).

    The winners of each division will be forever immortalized in CleanMPG history. :)

    Which Division?

    This was created to help divide people into three levels, in order to increase competitiveness.

    For Returning Members:
    If you placed well in the A division for the summer run I recommend staying there.
    If you did not place well in A or placed well in B I recommend the new B division.
    If you did not place well in B, I recommend the new C division.

    For New Members:
    If are are new to hypermiling then I recommend either the B or C divisions to allow a good chance to get on your feet and familiarize yourself with hypermiling.

    I recommend the C division under these circumstances:
    If your mpg in a 2007 or older regular car is under 125%
    If your mpg in a 2007 or older hybrid car is under 100%
    If your mpg in a 2008 or newer regular car is under 150%
    If your mpg in a 2008 or newer hybrid car is under 125%

    I recommend the B division under these circumstances:
    If your mpg in a 2007 or older regular car is under 150%
    If your mpg in a 2007 or older hybrid car is under 125%
    If your mpg in a 2008 or newer regular car is under 175%
    If your mpg in a 2008 or newer hybrid is under 150%

    Any higher and you need to be up there in the rockstar division :)

    Please Remember to provide us with a picture of your car..

    Official Standings
    Updated October 10

    Division A

    CobraPond (Defending champion--A)[​IMG]
    Right Lane Cruiser[​IMG]
    Robert Lastick
    Right Lane Cruiser[​IMG]

    Division B

    lamebums (Defending champion--B)[​IMG][​IMG]
    MT bucket[​IMG][​IMG]
    Aether glider*[​IMG][​IMG]
    MT bucket[​IMG][​IMG]

    *Using E85

    Division C

    Blue Genie[​IMG]

    The Rules, Special Exceptions, and Such

    Any car entered in the three month economy run must have a minimum of 500 miles logged during that time period.

    Miles while being towed does not count. :) Although you can push your car as much as you'd like. After all, exercise is good for you.

    If you are using E85 instead of regular gasoline and EPA estimates are not available, just lower the gasoline numbers by 25% and round to the nearest MPG.

    Just post here to sign up. :)
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  2. Blue Genie

    Blue Genie Active Member

    I'm in. Sounds like fun. So once I create my 'alter-ego' on the mileage log, I need to send the link to you or a moderator? Not sure I understand. Where do I post/send the pic of my sweet, light blue, '96 automatic Honda Accord? I think 'Blue Genie' is up to it, she's a good old car.....

    Looking forward to CincyMPG. I'm a West Chester/Fairfield Township resident.

    Thanks for any info, and putting this together.

    Please add me to GROUP C
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  3. brother

    brother Well-Known Member

    So how does this work? Everyone who's in fills up on 8/31 or 9/01?
  4. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    I'm in. Also, it looks like CobraPond will be in too.:( I'll make sure he gets this as he doesn't check in too often.
  5. chilimac02

    chilimac02 Bible Professor & Minister

    I'd love to be in the contest, and in the "B" division. Thanks for doing this!!
  6. brother

    brother Well-Known Member

    Looks like it's time to kick it up a notch. :eek: :D
    I'm in.
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  7. CobraPond

    CobraPond Member

    I'll be in again.
  8. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    Count me in! :)

    Can I enter both of my Vehicles?

    Can the current tank I am working on be used or do I have to top off and start over?

    Does it matter how many miles I drive? my work van will probably go through 5 or 6 tanks a month, my personal car, mabye one tank or less...
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  9. ATL

    ATL Well-Known Member

    I might have a shot in the C division, although with cold weather being involved in the last couple months I'll surely take a hit from my recent numbers (this yaris hates the cold even with a full grill block) and I have no idea what my new commute it going to do to my #'s

    getting 150% of the 2008 EPA seems awfully difficult in my little car, although it is possible... if only I could safely FAS it :(

  10. brother

    brother Well-Known Member

    ATL, you know ya want to. :D
  11. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    I'm definitely in, I've been waiting for this for a long...long....time.
  12. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    Here is my Auto V6, I guess through some loophole I'll be in the B division...I will rock your guys' world.[​IMG]
  13. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    larry, you have created a monster!
  14. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    Uh oh, just when I thought the B div was safe....:p :p
  15. ATL

    ATL Well-Known Member

    I want to FAS or beat 150%? either way the answer is yes, but without the former I don't see myself doing the latter
  16. brother

    brother Well-Known Member

    My bad. :eek: I thought you were agonizing as to whether to play?
  17. ILAveo

    ILAveo Well-Known Member

    Sign me up for division B with the Black Ranger. Though depending on when snow flies, it may only be a two month challenge for me. Our Saturn will be my winter beater this year.

    Here's the truck:

  18. ATL

    ATL Well-Known Member

    oh no, I'm in, I'm not the best, but I still like to play. you can have a good time without winning I'm in the middle of the pack in the B division for the current competition :woot:
  19. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    Umm..shouldnt you be in the A division? I think I should be competing with the newbies :Banane40:

    I guess it's gonna be harder than I thought! You with that monster...good thing for me is, I have a different route which is very early in the morning so...NO traffic!:woot: round trip should be 34 miles...I'm looking for high 40's! :)
  20. moneysaver

    moneysaver Well-Known Member

    Hi Auston... sign me up for it. My guess is that I will be in division C because my lifetime MPG is below 125%. Correct me if I am wrong. How do I post the pic of my car here?

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