Beating the EPA - The Why’s and How to Hypermile

Discussion in 'Articles' started by xcel, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Regarding the "Beating the EPA," article, every time I try to print it out I can't get all of it on each page. Punches of words/lines are truncated (sp), so I lose lots of the article. Is there a way to print articles from this website that captures the entire article? Please help?

    I'm new to CleanMPG, so any direction, correction, direction will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you,
    Brookings, OR
  2. xcel

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    Hi Bruce:

    C&P to a word doc and than you can print it out.


  3. wtodd123

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    I probably spent an hour or more reading through this thread from start to finish; Just found this website & hope to learn much more about getting the best fuel economy I can from my 2013 Sonata hybrid.
    Thanks so much to the thread originator & to those who've added their insights/ comments to it... a very interesting & informative read.
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    Re: Beating the EPA - The Why’s and How to Hypermile

    Welcome to CleanMPG! Go to the link in my signature file and it will lead you to several great bits of information.
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    Re: Beating the EPA - The Why’s and How to Hypermile

    For more detail on your Hyundai Sonata Hybrid (HSH) visit these links :flag:
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    What a great thread. At one point, I had three hybrids. I still have two of them, a '13 TCH and '04 Prius. Our newest addition is a 2014 Corolla ECO. While not a hybrid, we looked high and low for the elusive forty-two mile per gallon version.
    My daughter leased the ECO last weekend and we put fuel in it yesterday. The first tank, the vehicle AVG.MPG was showing 30 MPG. Using pencil and paper with an iPhone, we figured 29.8,
    For a very simple yet effective design, the Valvematic engine seems to do its job without much hassle. No super size batteries or big electric motors, the engine pulls with no fuss. We drove the regular Corolla and found it buzzy while accelerating to highway speed. I will let the forum know as time progresses as to how the ECO does with the true mileage. jtm
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    Thanks, Jim. I am curious about real-world MPG on CVT cars. Keep us posted !
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    Re: Beating the EPA - The Why’s and How to Hypermile

    Hello Eeryone,
    I just purchased a 2014 Prius V and am loving it. Want to learn how to get the most out of the car so I found this site and have joined. Looking forward to learning from those who have hybrids.

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