Zagunis leads sweep in fencing as U.S. claims its first gold in Beijing

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    "Fencing may not be a big sport in America," Bush said. "But today at the Olympics, it certainly is."

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]CBS Sports – Aug. 9, 2008

    American Female Fencer’s pull an unexpected sweep and we could not be more proud! -- Ed.

    BEIJING -- Mariel Zagunis stood proudly atop the podium, the first American to do so at these Olympics.

    A former president was in the front row -- and three red, white and blue flags were rising to the rafters.

    "It was a dream come true," Zagunis said.

    Zagunis won the first U.S. gold medal of the Beijing Games, leading an American sweep Saturday in women's saber fencing. Zagunis took the gold with a 15-8 victory over Sada Jacobson, who won the silver. Becca Ward took the bronze.

    Before the fencing medals were awarded, the Americans had been shut out of Olympic medals, trailing the likes of Cuba, North Korea, Taiwan and Uzbekistan in the overall standings. Then the saber trio went to work, moving the U.S. to the top of the table with three medals.

    And to make the night even more memorable, former President George H.W. Bush was in the front row for the medal ceremony, just to the side of where the three flags were lifted… [rm][/rm]
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    I had some fencing instruction in college and an introduction to epee and saber -- an easy sport it is not!!

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