Green Car and Transportation Festival in Ipswich July 29, 2006

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    Green Car and Transportation Festival in Ipswich July 29, 2006

    Green Car and Transportation Festival
    IPSWICH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 13, 2006--
    Final Event Schedule for Fuel Efficiency Expo

    The Green Car and Transportation Festival will be held on Saturday, July 29, 2006, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Town Hall in Ipswich, Massachusetts. In one convenient location, the festival will showcase a variety of familiar hybrid-electric cars alongside cutting edge technologies that are either very new to the market or still in development. Additional exhibits will feature transportation agencies, advocacy groups, and environmental organizations that promote pollution control and reduced dependence on foreign oil. A detailed event schedule is available at

    Vehicles on display will include:

    Production Hybrids

    -- Honda Accord

    -- Honda Civic

    -- Honda Civic ICE

    -- Toyota Highlander

    -- Toyota Camry

    -- Toyota Prius

    -- Ford Escape

    -- GMC Sierra Pickup

    Compressed Natural Gas Cars

    -- Crown Victoria

    -- Honda Civic GX

    -- Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

    -- The Phill Home Refueling Station by FuelMaker

    Specialty Vehicles

    -- Hydrogen Fueled Prius

    -- Solectria Force Electric Vehicle

    -- Flex-Fuel Chevrolet Avalanche (Operates on gasoline or E85)

    -- Zap! Smart Car

    -- Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle

    -- MIT's solar racer

    -- Never-been-seen-before high MPG concept cars from MIT Vehicle
    Design Summit

    Biodiesel Vehicles

    -- 1985 Mercedes Benz modified for 100% vegetable oil

    -- 2005 Ford F-350 Biodiesel Pick-up Truck

    -- 2002 Volkswagon Jetta TDI

    -- Biodiesel Home Processors

    Indoor presentations by leading industry experts will focus on:

    Global Warming

    Video Presentation: Global Warming: The Signs and the Science

    Panel Discussion by New England's leading experts in the field

    Hydrogen Fuel

    Video Presentation: Scientific American Frontiers: Hydrogen Hopes

    Video Presentation: PBS Production on Fuel Cells featuring Click
    and Clack

    Panel Discussion by MA Hydrogen Coalition, eVermont, and MIT
    Vehicle Design Summit

    Solar Energy

    Video Presentation: Running on Sunshine, a documentary of the
    World Solar Challenge

    Panel Discussion by MIT Vehicle Design Summit

    Electric Power

    Video Presentation: NOW: Who Killed the Electric Car?

    Panel Discussion by owners of a Solectria Force EV and a Ford
    Ranger EV

    Biodiesel Fuel

    Panel Discussion with Ed Burke of Dennis K. Burke Inc. and MIT
    Vehicle Design Summit

    Green in General

    Video Presentation: Scientific American: Future Car

    Community Case Study: The Medford School Bus Project

    Panel Discussion: "Why You Don't Have to Drive a Hybrid to be

    Outdoor entertainment will include:

    Live Music

    -- The Ipswich Community Band

    -- Wildest Dreams, a world music sensation known for its
    performances at the Boston Jazz Festival, the Oxfam World
    Fest, and World Cup USA

    Demonstration Circle

    -- Legislative Discussion by Senator Bruce Tarr

    -- Naked Prius

    -- Biofuels Home Processing

    -- Solar Race Car

    Attendees will be able to:

    -- Test drive hybrid vehicles and meet auto dealers

    -- Speak with current owners of hybrid and biodiesel cars

    -- Compete in the 24-mile MPG Challenge, if pre-registered

    -- Meet engineers from the MIT Vehicle Design Summit

    -- Attend video presentations and panel discussion on key topics

    -- Learn new information from advocacy and environmental groups

    The Green Car and Transportation Festival is presented by Ipswich Citizens Advocating Renewable Energy (ICARE), a grassroots community group that believes Ipswich can be a leader in alternative energy use. Please join ICARE in supporting the major sponsors of the festival: Honda North, Toyota, New England Biolabs, Rich May, EBSCO Publishing, Ipswich Ford, General Motors Alternative Fuels, Dennis K. Burke Inc., KeySpan, Meridian Associates, and McFarland Ford.
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    Oops. They're listing a "naked prius", which I never promised
    them. Gotta go poke Mr. Bingham and set him straight...
    I'm definitely participating in this, though, since it's in my
    backyard and I'll be all pumped an' stuff from Hybridfest, and
    you guys are gonna help put together the "driving green without
    a hybrid" rundown, right??
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    Wish I could be there too. Wonder it next year these two events can be spaced apart more?

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