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    My Fabia needs a new pair of shoes, or at least she's going to before long. I am giving some thought to what I should put on.

    The tyres are 185/60/R14 with an H speed rating and at the moment they are a mish mash of unknown brands. The two on the front are getting rather low on tread so I need at least 2, I haven't decided about the rears yet.

    I am considering the Continental EcoContact3, Firestone TZ200 and Michelin Energy 3A at the moment, but if anyone has other recommendations I'd love to hear them. All three tyres seem to be well liked by their users but I can't find any comparisons or mentions of how much FE difference they make.
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    I would replace all 4 tires at once... but... My wife has Firestone FR710's on her Civic. She's had them for over a year with ZERO tread wear. ZERO. Firestone says they are basically light truck (think Ford Ranger...) tires, so they are very durable. I would agree. They were inexpensive, as well.

    They seem to have low rolling resistance (as most hard compound tires do). Her Civic will definitely glide a lot longer than my car will (I have Sumitomo HTR T4).

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