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  1. I need to contact an owner of a phev. You guys know anyone? I'm writing an article for the "Tennessee Conservationist" about Electric vehicles and need a few quotes and information.
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    Go to the CalCars website. CalCars are a California group of private individuals who have successfully converted several Prius vehicles to plug-ins. I'm sure you will find answers to all of your questions there.

    Just click on:

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    Hi Ryan:

    ___There is a PHEV owner/member right here at CleanMPG that we highlighted as “Ride of the Week” maybe9 6-months ago. Look in the “My Ride” forum for the PHEV and you can PM him for his take. He is driving a Hybrid’s Plus converted Blue Prius PHEV and is the exact one I use in the pics of the Hybrid’s Plus conversion stories. Good or bad as of late…

    ___Good Luck

  4. Thanks guys.!

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