Worst first tank ever...

Discussion in 'Toyota' started by jab, Apr 4, 2008.

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    my first tank (fueled up at 2 pips) was pretty miserable too, but how can the dealer make the display show a full tank (10 pips) if they didn't pump it full? I got 343 miles on 8.2 gallons, it seems... a lot less than the display showing 49.9mpg. :( Hopefully things will pick up as everyone indicates. I think I'm near the bottom of the prius owners in the mileage log. Even with all the putting around like a granny when no one's watching.

    stock tires at 42/40... is there a 'how to drive a prius ii' video anywhere? this thing really should come with a 2 hour course on a racetrack ;)

    PS: my commute is a prius-unfriendly 8miles each way... but it was probably Jetta-unfriendly and Volvo-unfriendly, right? I mean, getting a Prius still means gallons saved, doesn't it?

    PPS: just reread the P&G guide... wow, i had totally done it wrong! haha. maybe -that- explains the low MPG more than anything. ;)
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