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Discussion in 'Website news & discussions' started by nd4speed7, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. nd4speed7

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    How can I upload an image saved on my computer into a thread?
  2. xcel

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    Hi Nd4speed7:

    ___Click on the gallery link on the top most menu bar (CleanMPG Photogallery). Click on upload photos --> Use default members gallery --> Click browse and select the pic on your PC --> fill in the empty boxes with a Title, descriptions and key words if you want and click the Upload/Submit button. It will show you the thumbnail --> Click on process.

    ___Now that it is in the gallery, click on it and you will see two choices to click on. Choose UBBCode and click on Copy to Clipboard. Go to your post and paste it in.

    ___Sounds like a hassle but after your second one, they go in under 30 seconds.

    ___Please for my sake, do not use the gallery here to link pics to other sites as it costs a lot of money to keep the place up and it comes out of my pocket :(

    ___Good Luck

  3. fishnrib

    fishnrib Christian

    All of my previous pictures have come from Photobucket and in order to link to another site like this they now charge a minimum of $60 per year to do that. That is why they are all gone and look like this:


    I now use tinypic web site that's still free.
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