Week of January 7th - January 13th, 2008 (US Nat Avg $3.10)

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by Right Lane Cruiser, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Great work, Blake! Safe trip to you.
  2. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Pretty good day so far. It's a Saturday so the traffic is even lighter than usual.:) Temps are ~32F and the wind is from the SE at 5-10 mph.
    1. 68.4-12.5(home to my son's work to pick up his check-he forgot it at work again:()
    2. 86.4-19.8(son's work to meet my mother-in-law for breakfast-she paid!:D)
    3. 61.8-2.9(breakfast to Wally World to pick up some pet supplies)
    4. 69.0-11.0(Wally World to gas station)
    5. 48.5-.8(gas station to bank)
    6. 105-7.0(bank to home)
    Average for today was 77.0.
  3. Blake

    Blake Well-Known Member

    two words...

    Bad gas :(
  4. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Where did you get it from?
  5. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    did you eat at taco bell?
  6. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    had a encounter with a young man who sounded much like a hypermiler when i filled up today. i noticed his car when i pulled in, since it was very clean and well kept up, and looked a lot like our 93. i looked over as i finished up, and asked what i was averaging. when i said 60, he laughingly said "you bite." i chuckled, and asked what his was. he's getting 42, a 94 civic with the 1.5 engine. he also told me about a friend who had done mods on his 1.6 and was getting 51!! good job.

    i had the presence of mind, for a change, to give him the site name and invited him to join us, since there are so many on here that are pushing the envelope with non-hybrid cars. i hope he does.

    only a short drive, today, to work out and fill the car. i got 69.2 for the 9.1 miles to the fitness center, and ended with back home with 65.4. i lost a few percentage points waiting for chickens to get out of the garage. they are NOT brain surgeons and as i pull in they just stand in front of the car and squawk, and finally run alongside the wall to get out.......duh.

    the fill was 58.75, not bad, but i could have done better had i not taken the highway so much this week. i worked over 50 hours.......sigh
  7. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    ___Took the Ranger to my parents this morning. 12 miles at only 38.2 mpg :ccry:

    ___Jumped on a train to Chicago at maybe 3/4 mpg and maybe 150 passengers. Not too bad. Took an Amtrak from Chicago to Detroit at maybe 1 mpg and maybe 100 passengers. SMOG forming emissions wise it was a mess but mpg per person, it probably was pretty good I guess ;)

    ___Laurie, while waiting for the train to Chicago this morning, I saw an 06 AWD FEH waiting for it as well. I spoke with the owner and his wife and gave him one of my CleanMPG business cards. I hope he shows up too!

    ___Good Luck

  8. bomber991

    bomber991 Well-Known Member

    Hey Wayne the thing to remember with trains and busses is that they run regardless of if you get on them or not, so don't worry too much about the emissions.
  9. Blake

    Blake Well-Known Member

    alrighty... First real stop.

    I evidently filled up with bad gas this morning. While I was in virginia and west Virginia the hills were amazing but I litterally couldn't go 45 mph in third gear on the floor downhill :eek:

    Dropped the tank average from 80 something down to mid 70's

    Managed to pull it back to where I am right now. 80.6 over 502.6 miles. I'm about 4 hours out but I had to stretch my legs.
  10. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    wayne, i love taking the train. i made a couple of trips out west that way, stopping at various points along the way for a few days or more. it was comfortable, somewhat cheap at the time, and with a sleeper car, they paid your meals, too. and they were always good! lot less stress than driving. if i didn't have to take my car to new york, that's the way i would go.
  11. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    My mom took a trip last year to CA on Amtrak. She said it was a great trip and beautiful through the Sierra Nevadas.Tthe return trip was through the lower states.
  12. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    i have been listing some of hubby's old automotive books on Ebay, and there is one in there on Hummers. ick. i feel dirty.:p
  13. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    I love a good train trip, although since the freight companies own right-of-way, it gets frustrating sometimes. Still, you get to see some really interesting stuff.
  14. kngkeith

    kngkeith Well-Known Member

    A trip to Asheville, NC in a straight truck- 8500lb payload- gross weight about 23,000lbs. Cat 7.2L with 5 spd Allison Automatic. The truck is geared to run highways.
    I’d post a pic but I don’t know how.

    My first fill was in Lexington,KY on the return trip.
    1153 miles/111.305 gals= 10.358 mpg. I’m glad I don’t have to carry the cash flow on fuel for 30-60 days. And this is on a truck that gets almost twice what a semi gets.
    I used DWL on the way down. The hills in KY and TN took work to stay in top gear, 50-70 mph, but could be done-
    KY DWL
    The TN hills were more challenging. Enough throttle to keep speed up, but not too much throttle to force a downshift, a narrow window. Sometimes I missed-
    TN DWL downshift
    On the return I thought I would avoid some crosswinds and improve fuel mileage by jumping on to US421 at Frankfort KY. Risky, as one never knows what to expect in this area of the country. But it didn’t look too bad on the map….just keep up momentum…
    KY 421
    Stuff like this didn’t help either-
    IN 7 climb

    I knew better than to take that highway, but you never know until you try. I did save a few miles with my shortcut, but lost about an hour. So to stay within my logbook rules I had to run at 63 mph through Indiana, and I used cruise control. I ran into the flooding rains south of Gary, pushing straight into the high winds. To finish out the trip-
    593 miles/56.182 gals= 10.55 mpg. I know I would have gained 1 mile mpg if I just stayed on the interstates and DWL.
  15. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Just two short segments today; less chance for bad FE numbers.:D Temps were 31-32F with winds 5 mph or less from the SW.

    58.1 for the 5.2 mile trip from home to Church and, after sitting in the cold with no EBH for 2.5 hours, 74.9 for the trip back home. Thank goodness for the EV switch as the coolant never got warm enough for the car to do the idle-check to enter S4. Average for today was 65.4 and the tank is at 73.7 after 18.5 miles.
  16. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Jeff, that picture in your signature is hilarious!:D
  17. Daox

    Daox Well-Known Member

    Just filled up the Paseo on the way home from the UP. The tank included one trip back and forth to work and my trip up and back. Ended up with a PR of 51.8 mpg! First tank to break 50, and I was fairly loaded down on the way home. I'm liking it. :)
  18. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    Decent conditions today - wet but mostly clear roads, around freezing temps.

    67.6 / 5.4 miles / 30F
    35.4 / 0.8 miles / 36F (a little too long for all EV :()
    73.0 / 6.5 miles / 32F
    61.6 / 5.4 miles / 30F

    63.9 / 18.1 miles for the day.

    The tank's at 65.0 / 241 miles.
  19. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Fantastic, Tim!!! You are quickly coming up to speed. :D
  20. bomber991

    bomber991 Well-Known Member

    Well well, filled up today. Needle was about halfway between a quarter and half. Start up school tomorrow so I figure I might as well start off the semester with a full tank of gas.

    Anyways, I had 185.8 on the odometer. I put 5.881 gallons of gas in the car. And uh, that give me 31.593 mpg. Yep, that's a new record for me.

    Scangauge estimated that I used 4.9 gallons of gas, so it was 20% off. Now that the sg is somewhat calibrated, I wonder how this next tank will read.

    I did FAS P&G's for about half of that, and Nice-on glides for the other half. But there was a 40 mile round trip of highway driving in that 185 miles of just regular crusing at 65mph type driving. So 20% of that tank was just normal driving.

    Anyways my plan is for the next 4 weeks to just do nice-on p&g's instead of fas p&g. It seems too rough when I do bump starting, and this car doesn't have a reputation for having a strong clutch/transmission.

    I did crunch some numbers though on how much of a theoretical difference there is over FAS glide and Nice glide.

    You figure you accelerate for 1 mile getting 15mpg, then thats 1/15=0.067 gallons of gas used.
    And you coast for 1 mile for the glide.
    So if you FAS for the glide, then thats like getting 30mpg.
    If you do nice on, and lets just say that you get 150mpg while gliding nice-on. Then that's 1/150=0.0067 gallons of gas for the second mile.
    So you have 0.067 plus 0.0067 gallons of gas used for 2 miles of distance, or .0737 gallons of gas used to travel 2 miles.
    2/.0737=27.137 mpg.

    Of course these calculations I just did only really work if you spend the same amount of time pulsing as you do gliding. I've noticed that even going from 55 to 70 my glides are longer than the pulses. And also at those higher speeds the mpg's are even higher during the glides.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can't see getting 3mpg better paying for a transmission or clutch replacement down the road. At $3.20 a gallon, doing 12k a year, you save $142 each year. After 5 years thats $710 saved, and I would think a clutch job or transmission job on my car is going to cost more than that.

    Just recalculated the economy with a 1:2 pulse to glide ratio which is probably more realistic. You get 45mpg for FAS glide, 37.34 for nice-on glide. Still it only saves $184.51 per year, $922 over 5 years.

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