Week of October 8th - October 14th, 2007

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  1. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    I'm currently running Vista 64-bit. I want to go to Vista 32-bit because there are too many program compatibility problems with the 64-bit version. A program like that might mean that I may be able to do the FE Challenge Run from Wayne's to the meeting in 2 weeks.:D
  2. MnFocus

    MnFocus hanging member :)

    34.1/1.0 mi to BP
    filled up with 385 on SG odo showed 385.7 today (maybe I misread yesterday )
    47.0/385 on SG - 47.209/385.7 calculated ...In SG We Trust
    new tank
    25.1/0.2 mi grocery store
    37.7/1.0 mi home
    todays tank 31.3/2.2 mi
    overall 29.4/1.2 mi
  3. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Larry, I'll look into producing something for you.

    Rick, that tank didn't turn out too bad considering the damage done by the mechanic!!

    I did some driving today to see Laurie. :D It was great to finally meet her face to face! We swapped stories, hypermiling advice, and shared lunch (at Subway down the road). I even got to pet her horse. ;)

    Laurie took a drive in my car and got a chance to see a ScanGauge in action -- pulling a very respectable 46.4mpg over 20.3mi in my unfamiliar conveyance. :D Great job, Laurie! Then we took her car for a spin and though I didn't damage the numbers any (pulled them up a little) the battery just tanked. :( It didn't seem to want to recharge (no, I wasn't P&Ging it to death), but this seems to be the behavior she saw a while back? Everyone posting here about the Civic IMA is absolutely right -- that thing is VERY assist-happy!

    It was a good visit and I'm glad not only that I took the time to drive there, but also that Laurie was willing to wait for me (sorry again that I was late!!! :eek:) and spend a little "hyper-time" with me. ;)

    48F on the trip up, 61F on the way back, no wind, sunny:

    1. 49.1mpg for 60.1mi (Home to Laurie's barn -- the pavement on 10 northbound is AWFUL!)
    2. 43.9mpg for 2.0mi (Laurie's barn to Subway)
    3. 46.4mpg for 20.3mi (Subway back to barn on Laurie's alternate test route -- with Laurie driving!! :thumbs_up:)
    4. 50.5mpg for 59.7mi (Laurie's barn to home -- smoother pavement most of the way back :D)
    The tank is on its way up and now at 48.8mpg over 266.0mi with 10.6g left and the guess gauge shows 2 needle widths under the F mark.

    Laurie concurs that my gauge really is a guess gauge with only three marks on it!! (F, 1/2, E)

    Once again -- great job, Laurie!! :Banane40:
  4. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    thanks, sean. don't apologize for being late. i can always find something to do at the barn. sean even got to meet the horse.

    we had a fun afternoon sharing tips and ideas. he's very right about the battery thing, today in particular, it just tanked the charge. it had started that before sean drove it, so don't think it was something he did. i noticed it this morning, too. it seems to assist at every acceleration, no matter how small.

    brave sean, he expected me to FAS with his car, which i finally did. i don't know what he has on it for tires, but that thing can really coast. it made my car with it's cupped tires, which are probably inflated less than they should be, feel like we were coasting in mud.

    so........i tried the FASing on the way home. wayne, i know you had explained it to me before, but i am not always feeling secure enough to do it all the time, so i had about forgotten it.

    to the barn, starting from a new fill, i got 63.5. pretty much a usual day.

    coming home on my usual route, adding FAS, i got 66.6.

    this was all on one segment, since i generally reset daily, not per segment. forgot to write down the total miles.

    thanks again, sean. he's really a super guy, and very very smart!

    edit: just added in today's fill: 61.3, which is exceptional considering how chilly it's been this week. :)
  5. MnFocus

    MnFocus hanging member :)

    Super effort laurie!! Now you know what you "have" to do ! FAS FAS FAS ;)
  6. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Larry:

    ___Great to hear that you and Sean will be at the next MiHG meet!

    ___Sean and Laurie, you two finally met! Laurie, FAS’ing can be a great technique when used correctly and a waste if performed at the wrong time. Especially with a lean-burn capable machine like your HCH-I ;)

    ___2 – 43 degrees F and a 50.7 to Bradlee’s for the MiHG Prius-I and II EBH install party. 54 – 55 degrees F and 53.5 back. The cool news is my son drove the MDX for the first time with my wife and nailed down 28.x to O’Hare tonight. Chip off the old block :)

    ___Good Luck

  7. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Laurie, you're embarrassing me! :eek:

    Rick and Wayne, Laurie is a very effective hypermiler -- but you already knew that from the numbers she posts here. What I noticed is that she does a LOT of coasting -- in neutral. I just pushed her to try FASing on those stretches. She's already got the "analyze the terrain and coast whenever and as far as possible" mentality, and WOW did she pick up the bump start technique FAST!!

    Trust me, she knows when FASing is a good idea. And how! :eek:

    Wayne, that boy of yours is starting to make a name for himself! When is he going to start posting here? ;) Nice numbers from you, too!!

    I went out one more time tonight -- the wife went out with her hockey team after their practice for dinner and I drove out to meet them. On the way down I coasted into the lot (uphill) but I didn't have quite enough momentum to get where I was aimed, then before I could get out and push it somebody pulled up behind me when I was obviously stopped?? I had a 49.0mpg on the clock, but firing up knocked that down 0.4. :( And it was a crooked parking job, too. So when the other car parked, I pulled it back out and pushed it across the lot to another slot. Gaining back 0.1mpg in the process. ;)

    (Yeah, yeah. I'm hopelessly nuts. :))

    46F, no wind, clear:

    1. 48.7mpg for 18.7mi (Home to Broadway Pizza)
    2. 52.2mpg for 18.9mi (Broadway Pizza to home :D)
    The tank is up to 49.0mpg over 304.0mi with 9.8g left and the guess gauge is showing 7/8ths.
  8. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    Today turned out pretty good for my second day of running without a Scanguage. Winds were from the southeast at 5-10 mph and the temps were in the low 60's. While the SG is being upgraded, all mpg figures will be a running average for the day.
    1) 68.0-5.2
    2) 79.5-12.6
    3) 80.2-9.6
    This makes day 4 for being over 80 mpg. I wonder how many days I can go this time before the cold takes over?:(
  9. johnf514

    johnf514 Zoom? Try Glide!

    Usually I'm not on the internet much over the weekends, but this new tank is going so well I had to stop by! :D

    I filled up Friday and have put ~110 miles on the odo - about 75/25 city/highway. Current results? 46.2 MPG and rising! :D Nice temps. + some serious hypermiling zen have really boosted my numbers. I'm hoping to keep this up for the tank - it will take some serious discipline, but I'm up to the challenge. :)

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming. ;)
  10. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Nice work, John!!! :woot:

    Today was kinda rough on the tank. :rolleyes:

    45F, a little wind from the west, overcast with an occasional sprinkle:

    1. 42.4mpg for 16.8mi (Home to Church -- bad traffic :()
    2. 39.8mpg for 2.0mi (Church to Culver's)
    3. 36.9mpg for 4.3mi (Culver's to Walmart, then to Home Depot)
    4. 31.5mpg for 2.1mi (Home Depot to friend's house for Birthday party)
    5. 44.6mpg for 24.4mi (Friend's house to Sweet Taste of Italy, then to home)
    The tank is back down to 47.9mpg over 353.1mi with 8.6g left and the guess gauge is indicating 3/4.

    Yuck. :( The wife is not going to navigate anymore. "I think this way... no this way... well I can always find it if I'M driving!" :p
  11. Soybean

    Soybean Nintendork

    Uh oh. My girlfriend (on her roadtrip with 3 other friends) is reporting around 45 mpg for the first tank. I-81 was backed up near Scranton (PA) both to and from upstate NY. What gives? I thought that area was desolate. Plus the hills up in New York don't help.

    She'll be back tonight when I can calculate the real numbers. Goodbye average!
  12. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    what a crazy day. went to the barn to ride, and could not get my IMA to full charge to save it's life. actually it stayed at the bottom of the scale all the way there. i did some FASing, since the roads were quiet and got there with 66.2MPG.

    the way home? i have no way of explaining. it had gotten quite a bit chillier, and was raining off and on. i didn't FAS because of the rain, and l lost one of my mile long coasts since at the bottom of the hill, cross traffic has a stop sign, but some stupid ^(*&(*&( decided not to stop and i really had hit the brakes and the horn to make them realize that was not a good manuever. sheesh. even my normal lean burn mode wouldn't bring the numbers back up. however.......the IMA recharged all the way. what the heck? the trip home i ended up at 61.6. decent, but i expected better.
  13. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Wow, Laurie!! 66.2mpg in this weather is quite the accomplishment! :eek:

    I'm sorry about the drivers. :( I ran across a few crazies myself today. Since I'm a hypermiler I didn't run INTO them, of course. ;)

    We had a Church group over to the house this evening (which went pretty well, by the way), and of course the wife had an "oops, forgot this -- get it for me, Honey???" moment. So out I went to the closest gas station for some ice. I avoided the lights on the way over to it, but no such luck on the way back. :p

    48F, no wind, overcast:

    1. 45.6mpg for 1.1mi (Home to Speedway -- not too bad??)
    2. 38.4mpg for 1.4mi (Speedway to home -- yuck.)
    The tank has slipped another tenth on that excursion to 47.8mpg over 356.0mi with 8.6g left and the guess gauge shows one needle width under 3/4.

    Oh well. I still love her. ;)

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