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    [​IMG] Need to license very unique technology?

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – December 31, 2019


    Are you interested in receiving the benefits from a world-renowned R&D company that invests over $1 million per hour, without actually having to spend $1 million/hr? Toyota may have a program for you.

    Toyota revealed a new program to license its Intellectual Property to interested parties. The program is called Toyota IP Solutions and it is intended to help promote and serve as an access point for the licensing of patents to US and global companies.

    Initially, the patent portfolios available for licensing will be in four areas:
    1. Omnidirectional Structural Color
    2. Bio-Active Material
    3. Nano-Material Synthesis
    4. Electronics Thermal Management
    Additional portfolios are now being assessed and will be offered in the future on a continuing basis.

    The Omnidirectional Structural Color portfolio showcases innovative pigment compounds capable of reflecting specific wavelengths of light. These complex compounds create a vibrant, deep and lustrous color across all viewing angles.

    The Bio-Active Cleaning Materials portfolio showcases innovative compositions of enzymes capable of breaking down organic materials, making stains and spills much easier to clean. These effective yet gentle enzymes can even remove insect bodies, fingerprints and other debris from the surfaces of automobiles. The patented bioactive enzymes can be incorporated into various substances, including paint coatings, cleaning fluids and furniture waxes.

    The Nano-Material Synthesis portfolio showcases novel compositions and methods which provide for quick and cost-effective production of high purity nanomaterials of virtually any chemical element or alloy. The technology will even allow for the synthesis of extremely high-quality electrodes and rare-earth-free strong magnets.

    The Electronics Thermal Management portfolio showcases cooling strategies that can be integrated into a power-dense electronics system to quickly control and dissipate the heat generated by the system. These patented materials, designs and methods can be incorporated into many types of systems, particularly small form factor systems, to decrease the overall heat load. As a result, more power-dense and efficient systems can be created.

    For more on the large variety of tech Toyota has created/patented, consider their website Toyota IP Solutions for more.
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