Enable Auto Stop on a 2014 SportWagen TDI?

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    So I'm still new to the VW TDI, but I know from poking around Fords with Forscan, you can enable Auto Stop/Start on a lot more cars than came with it from the factory. Is there a similar way to enable it on a VW TDI? I've been trying various things... but it keeps screwing me up.

    Last week I was on a downhill exit ramp in stop & go traffic. I shut off the engine, and was coasting in Neutral at about 4 MPH. When traffic picked up, it wouldn't start. I had to lightly hold the brake to start while coasting in Neutral. This caused traffic behind me to get upset that I didn't go when traffic started to move.

    Today, remembering the PITA it was to start while coasting slowly, I just shifted to Neutral, because in Drive it was idling faster than traffic was going. Similar situation. Coasting 3-4 MPH, and traffic started to move. I went to shift to Drive... AND THE SHIFTER WAS LOCKED! Again, I ended up lightly dragging the brake to shift, and traffic was upset that I didn't promptly go.

    When i try to shut the engine off at lights, the radio cuts off, and it disconnects from the phone, and the radio stays off for about 10 seconds after I restart. At least if I had Start/Stop enabled hopefully my radio won't be going on/off.

    2014 Jetta SportWagen TDI with DSG Automatic and Pushbutton Start.
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