52 attend the 54th D$W/DEED event in Greenfield WI.

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    52 on the 54th! As we celebrated Earth Day on Saturday with the Drive Electric Earth Day event, we had 52 attendees for the 54th Meet of Drive $mart Wisconsin. We had 9 Tesla's, 4 Volt's, 2 Leaf's, 2 Bolts, 1 BMW i3 and a Fiat 500e for the DEED event and numerous other PHEV's and hybrids from our D$W crew.

    We split the Meet into talking about the 50 Tools for a Lifetime techniques as part of $mart Driving training and then followed with an open discussion of EV's. We were fortunate to have Tesla Software engineer Garlan Garner (in his beautiful white Tesla Model 3) and Tom Content, Executive Director of CUB (Citizens Utility Board) talking about Tesla technology and the WI. PSC interest in expanding/improving EV charging across the state respectively.

    All D$W members in attendance shared their experiences using the Tools for a Lifetime segment and many EV owners loved to hear about extending their range with these $mart Tools. During a working lunch, everyone contributed to the EV discussion segment, sharing knowledge and expertise.

    Wonderful D$W/DEED Meet, informed education, sweet rides but it's always about the people...great people. Thanks to Marie, Justin, Teng, Ben and Garlan for taking ownership in this D$W/DEED Meet.
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    Great to see that your meets are well attended and that you're still going after 54 of them!!
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    Thanks Mike, yes we're still driving forward though now with a little more pure electricity. Thanks for all you've done in the past, currently and in the future on your side of the border.
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    Nice! I don't anticipate being in Wisconsin, but I'd definitely attend with my lowly-but-trusty Civic
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