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  1. Short story and psa because I know someone else has a caravan/t&c

    Wife called me at work yesterday, broke down on the express way.
    I leave work and get to her on the side of I69. 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan with about 145k is dead, no juice.
    I hook up the jumper cables and let truck run for a few minutes.
    No codes showing on the van. She said she stopped at the store after work and when she got back in, it was dead. She got a jump but when she turned to get on the on ramp it wouldn't get out of 1st gear, then died.
    I jump it, it runs, so I drive it and she drives the truck. It's less than a mile to the next exit. And yup, only first gear. We get to the big box supermarket and I shut it off. No restart. Dead.
    We go in and buy a battery. It starts, but now the battery light is on. I check for codes again and get a PO622.
    We're about 20 miles from home, I say let's go for it. Start driving and I have all gears back, so I kept going. Made it home.
    Pulled the alternator and replaced. All is good now and it's been driven about 60 miles today.
    If you have to change the alternator - unbolt the A/C compressor (leave the lines attached). Wiggle it out of the way, and lower the alternator from the bottom.
    It wasn't too bad of a job. Not nearly as easy as a rwd truck, but not too bad. About 3.5 hours including a snack, a beer or 2, and the run to the parts store for the alternator. Biggest bummer is the $375 for the alternator, battery, and new belt. Then again, $375 after 20 months of owning a used vehicle- I can't complain
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