Ford Q2 2018 Sales of 1,277,691, down 1.8%

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    Ford’s June U.S. sales totaled 230,635 vehicles – a 1.2 percent increase
    First-half 2018 sales are down 1.8 percent, with 1,277,691 vehicles sold
    June fleet sales are down 2.3 percent
    June commercial fleet up 6.0 percent; year-to-date fleet sales are down 3.2 percent
    Retail results in June are up 2.9 percent on sales of 156,788 vehicles, while transaction prices gain $540;

    Industry shift to trucks and SUVs plays into our strengths, Ford trucks, SUVs, commercial and Lincoln all posting gains for the month

    As the largest seller of trucks and SUVs in America, the Ford brand sold a combined total of 972,555 of these vehicles in the first half of the year – an increase of 2.0 percent

    Ford brand SUV sales totaled 77,453 vehicles last month, a new record June sales month

    First-half Ford F-Series sales totaled 451,138 pickups, a 4.9 percent increase; June F-Series sales totaled 79,204 trucks, marking the pickup’s 14th consecutive month of year-over-year gains

    As the segment leader, F-Series is on a record setting pace with sales up 4.1 percent over the first half of 2004, a then record year for F-Series, with 939,511 pickups sold. Transaction prices are the highest of any full-size pickup manufacturer, $46,800

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