Recap on the 52nd D$W Meet 7-17-18

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    Yesterdays 52nd D$W Meet in Greenfield:

    Hot day but cool Meet with 28 members attending including 4 new members. We rolled in with a Tesla, iMiev, 3 Prime, 1 FEH, 1 Lexus 400h, a Volt, Camry Hybrid and 6 Prius and several conventional vehicles. We came from all over SE Wisconsin and Illinois including Bloomington, Burlington, Oconomowoc, Kansasville and Franksville.

    We had a great open session on what "Tools For a Lifetime" we have in our Drive $mart tool belt. As you can see we came up with at least 27 tools that could be used in Smarter driving. We had an expanded Round Robin when we shared our current rides and mileage numbers.

    We had another discussion on how our D$W members can participate in our D$W hosted National Electric Drive Event that will be held on Saturday Sept 8th at the Greenfield Library. We'll be offering outdoor display/rides and have at least 4 speakers inside on everything PHEV/EV from basic technology, charging, financial/environmental benefits and tools to take advantage of and extend range. We are looking for volunteers to display, offer rides, speak and help organize through the signup on this link. Any questions just chime in but all who are interested must signup through Greenfield WI. link below ...

    This was a great Meet considering it's mid-summer and Marie, Justin and I want to thank all who attended for their food, expertise, knowledge, enthusiasm and camaraderie.

    A more detail synopsis will follow on an email.
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