Week of June 4 to June 10 (Nat’l Avg $2.949)

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  1. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Speaking of changing my commute, I stayed at my house in Aurora last night.
    This commute include about 23 miles of Interstate and 12 miles suburban roads.
    35.1 miles , 66.4 MPG ( ouch). Tank also dropped to 524.7 miles , 75.7 MPG.
    Back to Lombard and the "efficient" 15.4 mile commute today at 3:30.
    I'm planning to keep this tank above 75.0 until time to fill up again (Thanksgiving?).
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  2. Gord

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    Wednesday, it was early start to my mum's house to take her dog for small operation in Derby, very quiet - great run, 52°F:
    61.7 / 4.4 :D
    Went in her car - Hyundai i10 1.2 - 96 miles round trip @ 50.1 (FCD)
    44.2 / 4.4 Back home around lunchtime, 62°F

    Went for a bike ride, part way round got a call from my mum saying he can go home :rolleyes: so rode to her house (19 miles), left bike there and went in her car again:
    105 miles round trip @ 51.1 (FCD)
    Eventually got home after another 8.7 miles bike ride the long way home.

    Saturday went to eldest's house to sort out her garden, 3UP, 57°F:
    52.1 / 18.2
    Went to a local pub for lunch, other daughter came over on train to meet us so 4UP, 64°F:
    47.6 / 1.9
    50.9 / 20.3 - From pub to home, 4UP, 67°F

    Tank steady at 50.4 (FCD 53.2) / 339.5 / Range 365 . Guess gauge F__««|««««E . UG down 0.2 at 47.9 / DTE 308

    Quite a few miles in the Jazz/Fit yesterday, took youngest to an outdoor activity day, then to Thoresby Hall, back home for lunch, daughter pickup in the afternoon then to some shops, dropped off her friend and back home:
    51.8 / 71.1 miles
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  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I did not drive after getting home Saturday afternoon. I had a date Sat. night ; she picked me up. :)

    Sunday , didn't drive at all. Rain most of the day , but I did squeeze in an 8.0 mile bike ride.
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