Japan -- "Coal -yoto" protocol

Discussion in 'Emissions' started by Carcus, May 8, 2018.

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    The pressure of the Trump Tariffs.

    Lot's of geo engineering going on here in the Los Angles sky's. Very poor at it too! Especially on the hot days. Wounder what the sky's in Japan are like?
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    Can't they count??
    The Tsunami plant "sorta meltdown" killed very few to NONE.
    Which is Pretty much the story of ALL COMMERCIAL NUCLEAR PLANTS in 1st world countries-despite all the whining(except for the Rookies-but they aren't first world-and they have managed to killed 100's with their nuclear power plants-especially their naval power plants-).
    Coal on the other hand has killed MILLIONS-literally millions
    Most with soot/crap/smoke-but many many mining it

    One of the early Epidemiology "stories" is identifying SOOT as the causative agent in the EXTREMELY high incidence of scrotal cancer in chimney sweeps(kids mostly) pretty sure this was in the 1800's(wood and then coal in fireplaces)-Brits

    The Limeys also claimed 5000 extra deaths-about in one short period(5 days or so) -in london -cause by fog/smog from coal
    We had a similar fog/smog event-about the same time-perhaps it was in Penn-but the death toll was "tiny"
    Anyway the japanese obviously can't add-no surprise considering they attacked us in WW2 -despite our having perhaps 10-50X the industrial capacity on 100x the natural resources
    Commercial nukes- don't haven't killed anyone(with radiation) even counting the mining(ignoring miners- Uranium in WW2(some poor indians) in the USA-some of them probably dies early-but hard rock mining-always hard on lungs) so commercial nukes-60 years or so of history-don't kill people

    Besides-even a terrible accident-could be mitigated-cleaned up-heavy "stuff" falls quickly-
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were and have been continuously occupied-despite very little mitigation(and 100 lbs of high grade radioactive material-very little of which was "used up")
    Oh well-coal is dirty-all the way from production to use to disposal of ash
    Japanese need to learn how to count(so do we and the PRETENDING to be green Euro-trash who are supporting the Rookies(which is probably not a bad idea for the uber-ales folks to keep ROOSKIES HAPPY)

    Oh well

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