Week of April 2 to April 8 (Nat’l Avg $2.659)

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  1. puddleglum

    puddleglum Well-Known Member

    Highway trip in the Echo today to pick up my son for the vehicle swap. First time I've driven it any distance on the highway since I brought it home. Cold windy day. 12-15*F, wind SE 15 mph. Tail/cross wind up and head/cross wind coming back. Didn't try as hard as I could have, especially on the way back. With the wind and visiting, mostly just drove it. Worst mileage in long time, especially coming home into the wind, but I was pleased at how nice it was to drive. I felt better about sending him home with it after giving it a highway run.
    Filled up when we got home. except for 5.5 mi., the tank fill was today's trip. Last fill for a while, maybe for good if he keeps it. I'm going to miss it I think.
    43.52 - 219.78 mi., 5.05 gal.
  2. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    Excellent highway run, Kevin.
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  3. puddleglum

    puddleglum Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bill. Still feeling the effects of winter weather here on mileage and everything else. Off topic trivia, Avg. temp for our first week in April was -14.7*C (5.5*F). That's colder than the avg. temp. for either Dec. or Jan.
    On the upside,my son is showing some interest in hypermiling after having the car for just a couple of days. Quite a switch for him.
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  4. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Had a great week off for Easter!
    Eldest daughter's birthday last Wednesday, shopping and lunch, 4UP, 45°F, 10mph headwind E:

    48.0 / 15.6
    44.0 / 15.8 - A lot busier going home

    Thursday, took youngest to cinema, 41°F:

    33.8 / 1.4 - short trip to pick up her friend
    44.9 / 4.0 - 3UP to in-laws including drop-off at cinema
    40.1 / 5.1 - back home on my own after planting 58 potatoes at in-laws, warmer 54°F

    Tank down 0.2 at 45.8 (FCD 48.3) / 366.0 / Range 260 . Guess gauge F____|««««E . UG up 0.1 at 45.3 / DTE 245

    Half tank at 360 miles
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  5. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Saturday trip to the beekeeping class. Cold and drizzly.
    47.9 / 33.4 - out
    50.3 / 37.5 - back on a different route

    Probably have hives full of bees to take home in 2 weeks. Then the real fun starts. Theory and class are one thing, actually doing it yourself is a whole different game. :D
  6. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    Sounds exciting, Andrew...
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  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    When my sister Betsy was a ( casual ) farmer , she had bees at one time. I will have to ask about her bee-keeping adventure. I'm not afraid of bees , but I'd be a little nervous around so many in one small place.
    Still , we need more bees in this world and the health benefits of local honey are well-known.
    Good luck , Andrew.
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  8. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I have a full suit and in class we opened a hive to look. I'm not comfortable around them yet but the suit was great. Nobody in the class of ~20 got a single sting.

    I have to make some kind of fence around them because my sheep love to RUB against anything. The entire perimeter fence has wool on it. They'd knock the hives over by mistake.
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  9. puddleglum

    puddleglum Well-Known Member

    Does sound like a great adventure and some tasty benefits once things get going.
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  10. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    43 is good and solid for an Echo, most especially in those temps.
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