Week of March 12 to March 18 (Nat’l Avg $2.526)

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    Yeah, I'm not that committed to this car. It serves as a beater, something with good FE which is reliable and can be left outside for weeks at a time while I work.

    The orange trucks and trailers? That's the actual yard I work out of and park at. Besides that there's hail, etc. So, the amount of effort I put into something like this car would be minimal.

    Snow again? Good thing they got me down to Virginia :)
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    That's horrific and incredible at the same time. Amazing no one was killed. I assume you weren't there when it happened. Must have been devastating for your company.
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    Too many short trips over the last couple of days.
    44.3- 4.3 to work Thursday.
    60.3 - 5 home.
    40 - 1.9 with family to study group.
    49.7 - 1.9 home.

    46.1 - 4.3 to work Friday.
    45.7 - 4.8 work to mall in afternoon.
    49.7 - 1.7 downtown to city hall.
    31.6 - 1.5 rushing to registry office.
    36.7 - 1.6 back to city hall before they closed.
    45.4 - 1.2 home.
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  4. jcp123

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    It was a few years before I started. People were still wearing the "I survived..." t-shirts at first.

    Speaking of trucking, I've been getting murdered lately. Hilly Virginia backroads plus heavy loads have knocked me down from 7.6 mpg to 7.1 in the span of the last three days. If I didn't have my company logging overspeed stuff, I'd wager I could turn the hilly stuff into less of a negative, although bludgeoning my way up 5% grades at <40mph with the go-pedal laid flat is gonna hurt no matter what.

    Doubly disappointing? I had a 425 mile run with an empty trailer to start. I looked like a hero mpg-wise!

    The upside is that I've seen some neat stuff. Virginia hill country is flat out pretty. Ever since I rode through WV on Rolling Thunder, I've been in love with Appalachian scenery. And while WV is still my Appalachian favourite, Virginia still delivers. I also would never have pegged New Jersey as a place to see a rodeo arena and multiple western wear stores nestled in a pastoral farm setting; and yet, South Jersey delivered just that.
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  5. Gord

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    Going home Friday, 2UP, 10mph headwind E:
    41.7 / 22.3

    Tank steady at 42.7 (FCD 45.0) / 542.3 / Range 20 . Guess gauge F____|___«E . UG up 0.1 at 44.1 / DTE 54

    My car didn't go anywhere over the weekend - stayed in the garage, used the Jazz/Fit Saturday to take youngest to horse riding in the snow, a garden centre and back plus a trip to supermarket - bit slippy in places:
    45.5 / 22.3 miles
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