VW CNG "dream machine" (arrives in Germany for 2018)

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    well, a dream for me. A combined fuel consumption of 76 mpg US,... so you'd think a real world mpge north of 60. ....
    40 l of cng should get you well down the road, and at least from the photos I've seen, no sacrifice in interior space.

    -- edit** ,..it's dual fuel, 40l of gasoline and 12kg of CNG, so 10.6 gallons (US) of gasoline and about 4.7 gge of CNG (a total range of 800 to 900 miles?)


    Power plant discussion at 27:30/39:04

    Status of CNG Mobility in Germany Rising

    "Together with the industrial consortium CNG Mobility, the Volkswagen Group is striving to bring about a tenfold increase in the number of CNG vehicles registered in Germany to around one million by the year 2025. In parallel with this, the number of CNG filling stations is projected to expand in Germany from the current level of around 860 to 2000 stations."
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