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  1. GF has a 2013 dodge grand caravan. Going into winter her tires were crap. She has the 17" wheels. I found a set of winter tires, used 1 season on Craigslist for a decent deal and bought them. Mounted them on the factory wheels with tpms and we are good to go for the winter.

    Now I'm looking for summer tires and cant find tpms relearn info.

    I know someone here has a t&c or caravan.

    I need a seperate set of wheels and tires. Can i relearn tpms as a diy or does it require a tool?

    Would like to have 1 set of wheels &tires for summer and 1set for winter
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  2. Here's what I'm looking at new. Called all the local scrap yards for wheels and the used price was higher than new aftermarket

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    From the forum - "The info I found on 06 T&C: OPERATION The battery operated tire pressure sensors lay dormant (Park Mode), then wake and start transmitting (Drive Mode) when the vehicle first reaches speeds over 15 mph (24 km/h). Once the wheels stop rotating for a period of approximately 20 minutes, the sensors shut down until again awaken. Although not transmitting as when in Drive Mode, while in Park Mode, the sensors still transmit approximately once every 13 hours to let the receiver know air pressure status at that time. Sensors will also transmit when a pressure change of one psi (seven kPa) or more is detected during that period.
    Using an RF signal, each sensor transmits tire pressure data approximately once every minute. Each sensor's (transmitter) broadcast is uniquely coded so that the Wireless Control Module (WCM), commonly referred to as the Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM), can monitor the state of each of the sensors in the four rotating road wheels. The WCM automatically learns and stores the sensor's ID while driving after a sensor has been replaced. This can take up to 10 minutes while driving at speeds above 15 mph (24 km/h). There is no formal retraining procedure necessary."

    I can tell you that every Hyundai and Kia vehicle I have tire-swapped so far automatically learn the sensor IDs with absolutely no tools or procedures. Just drive the car for about 10 minutes. On my wife's '17 Sonata, which has the individual pressure displays, I decided to verify the relearn so I set the pressures at 38/36/34/32 and drove the car. The damn display showed the correct pressures in the correct positions! Don't know how Hyundai figured out how to do that, but the car knows which sensor is at which corner and stores the IDs in the module.
    I also know that a couple of Toyotas I tire-swapped did not find the new sensors and needed a trip to the dealer. And I read online that someone with a Mitsubishi also had to go get the car flashed at the dealer whenever sensors were changed out.

    The post above and other entries below on that forum thread is encouraging - several people saying as long as they are the correct factory sensors, the car auto-learns and no dealer trip or scan tool is needed.
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    Thumbs up to Hyundai and Kia... and a possible thumbs up for Chrysler, too. :)

    I've been thinking about aftermarket valve cap replacements that have the pressure sensor and transmitter. Gives the most functional add-on for older vehicles, but has some negatives of course... Might be worthwhile for an unintelligent "moduled" vehicle (Toyota!) and a second set of wheels.

    I do of course keep an eye on tire pressure anyway and do visual checks before every drive.
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    I think VW/Audi is (or at least was) using indirect TPMS, which measures the speed of each wheel and when one begins spinning faster than the other three for a consistent period of time, it concludes the faster tire is low on air because it's rolling radius is shorter. Where that idea falls short is when all four tires lose pressure together - like when temps drop suddenly.

    I am very narrow-minded on the subject of TPMS. If it is a "safety feature" mandated by the Swamp Creatures in DC, then it should also be law - subject to billions in fines for automakers that don't comply - that you can mount any four compatible sensors in the wheels and the car should automatically recognize them and use them. It is inexcusable to require people to go to the dealer to write sensor values to the car's module in order for a vital safety feature to work.
    Hyundai and Kia did it, why can't everyone else? Strangely, Hyundai's dealer network will tell you that the sensor IDs need to be written to the module via their GDS interface. And you could if you wanted to. But the cars do just fine figuring it all out for themselves. That is apparently Hyundai corporate throwing the dealer network a bone, allowing them to say they recommend that the sensors be properly written to the module - for about $60. I haven't done that on any of my Korean Kadillacs and so far: no fires, no explosions, no flashing lights, no drama. That's the way TPMS ought to be.
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  6. Thanks for the research maxx.

    Going to keep checking Craigslist for some used ones
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    Go to ebaymotors and in the top search box, enter this auction# 152871099103
    Set of 4 17" wheels for $195 - free shipping. That's $49 each. Wrangler wheels are the correct 5x127 bolt pattern, 71.5mm center bore, and the 44mm offset is right in the ballpark for good fitment.

    While you're shopping, seek out auction# 282805386384 - four new (not used or refurb) Chrysler TPMS sensors for $43.

    Any tire shop can fit the sensors to the wheels, mount/balance the three season rubber on these 'new' wheels, and you're ready for the first day of Spring. If the old three-season tires were shot, order a nice set of LRR donuts from Tire Rack and mount them on the Jeep wheels. Remember: The word "Jeep" on the center cap means a vehicle so-equipped can drive vertically up the side of a sidescraper, drive through the Congo at speeds of over 70mph, jump the Colorado river, and drive to the north pole with no sled dogs needed.
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    Wow, thank you for the timely info. Wife's needing a set of meats for her '14 Town + Country, TPMS is something I hadn't even thought about...
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  9. Wheels arrived. Thanks again.
    Those sensors showed as invalid for me but found others.

    Finding plenty of used tires on Craigslist.

    Van has 135k on it now. The winter tires/wheels will probably go another 30k+. So, some half worn Michelins would be just fine and probably get us up to 200k
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    Remember to check the DOT code on the sidewall of used tires (along the bead) and make sure they're less than three years old. That gets you a good three years before they're "stale" and up for replacement.
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  11. Ouch .tire store is saying jeep wheels won't fit
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  12. MaxxMPG

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    Did you swap one onto the van? The minivans used the 5x114.3 bolt pattern until the last generation (when they started using the six speed) and that one used 5x127.
    Wait until the weather gets nice and jack the van up and test fit the wheel.
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  13. The Jeep wheels are an inch wider.

    Idk. I usually have no doubts with this tire store. But, i called monday to make sure the tires were in stock (yes) and to make an appointment for Saturday.
    Got in there this morning and tires were out of stock. Told them I'd put a deposit on Monday over the phone, oh no not necessary they said. Ugh.

    Yea, I'll test fit one without a tire on it, unless i stumble into someone needing jeep wheels locally first.
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  14. Sold on Craigslist for what I paid.
    Back to the search . looking at the weather, I have some time before I need to get the winters off
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    I saw great looking Craigslist-ed Dodge wheels/tires to bolt onto my 5x114.3mm inch bolt pattern Elantra. But, then I discovered they were 5x127mm. Oh, well.
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  16. litesong

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    My car has 140,000 miles. Hey, don't take the ones I want! Oh, maybe I got the tires you wanted? I got 4 free tires on Craigslist, incl. a Bridgestone, one Michelin & two Goodyear Eagles. Got other great deals on tires/wheels. I'm set. Some people say, those who get good MPG, drive more. I say, "If I get free tires, I drive more". & I am!
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