Week of December 25 to December 31 2017 - Merry Christmas grinders

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    The cold is a killer. Didn't have to do much driving this weekend but what I did was very short trips (.5 - 1.5 miles) and -20 to -25*F temp. (windchill -30 to -40) Even plugging in, Just couldn't get it the car to warm up. I didn't even record trip mileage, suffice it to say it was REALLY BAD. They say windchill doesn't affect vehicles. Technically I suppose I agree, but practically I don't. The wind takes what little heat is available and sucks it away so it can't warm up.

    Filled up yesterday. 44.2 mpg - 645.3 miles. Not too bad considering. Lost a bit with these last couple of cold weeks.
    Avg. mileage for the year was 45.4 mpg - 72.78 gallons (275.5 L)

    Happy New Year to you all!!
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    It's not surprising that they'd program it to behave that way in very cold weather. I'm irritated when it won't shut off after a brief shutdown. Supposedly that routine is to warm up the catalytic converters, but surely a converter doesn't cool down as much during a (for example) one-minute stop as it does coasting down a long hill for five minutes without burning fuel. Yet, the downhill doesn't seem to impair subsequent automatic engine shut-offs.
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    Happy New Year!
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