Kia Increases Global Brand Value

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    Kia has been ranked among the highest valued brands in the world once again, according to Interbrand’s 2017 ‘Best Global Brands’ report. The latest study, released today, confirms Kia’s brand value has grown 6% in the last 12 months, to US $6.68 billion.

    For the second year running, Kia is named the world’s 69th most valuable brand in the report, its latest valuation representing a 645% increase in the value of the Kia brand since 2007. Now the 11th most valuable automotive brand, Kia is ranked ahead of dozens of ‘household name’ consumer brands, as well as a host of volume, premium and luxury car manufacturers.

    Power to Surprise

    The sustained growth in the value of the Kia brand is the result of company-wide efforts to cultivate a more emotional attachment between the company’s products and consumers in every market.

    Now a byword for quality and reliability in the automotive sector, Kia has achieved the coveted first-place ranking in the USA’s J.D. Power Initial Quality Study for two years running. Ahead of all other car manufacturers for quality, Kia was also the highest-ranked brand in J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study in Germany and UK in 2017.

    With this momentum, Kia recently launched its first-ever premium sports sedan, the Stinger along with the new Niro hybrid CUV, which are designed to boost the desirability of the Kia brand. Portraying a modern image, Kia’s latest products speak loudly about the company’s efforts to prepare motorists for the future, with advanced powertrains, innovative technologies, and premium quality and design.

    2017 Kia Niro

    Just blocks away from LA City Hall and just minutes prior to the launch of last year’s Guinness World Record setting drive.​

    Digital technologies are at the heart of Kia’s efforts to engage with consumers in markets all around the world. In Korea, Kia broadcasted the anticipated launching show of its new Stinger model live, giving media and consumers the chance to witness the unveiling of the powerful new car first-hand. In the USA, Kia launched the ‘NiroBot’, a Facebook Messenger service allowing users of the social media platform to ask about the new Niro and get instant ‘live chat’ responses. Also in China, the brand introduced a ‘Kia Surprising Lab’ YouTube service, featuring the technologies at the heart of its latest cars, the K5 and KX5. All of these efforts illustrate how Kia utilizes relevant and evolving technologies to enhance digital experience and to stay connected with consumers at all times.

    To accompany the ongoing growth in the company’s product line-up, official partnerships with the world’s most high-profile sports events continue to aid the strength of the brand. Sponsorship arrangements with FIFA, UEFA, NBA, LPGA and the Australian Open tennis championship have provided Kia with a wealth of opportunities to engage with young-at-heart consumers around the globe.

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