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    Hi Dan:

    ___I still plan on being in the Chicago area in July and if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to get another shot at 130 - 135 mpg in your Prius II on the Marathon course. Her last 30 mile segment at 127 mpg convinced me that it may be possible?

    ___As for the HW upgrades, we both know where the real increase in FE comes from first and foremost. I hope you emphasize the technique aspect vs. any HW mods when you get together with those guys. Phil and I were discussing this in chat last night. He linked a gassaver members site and although I respect this individuals experiments (of those I had the chance to review), he really needs help on the technique side of things to get his lmpg up and I mean up hard. This matching EPA stuff is not worth spit in my eyes and if you can convince those guys to use their heads rather then hope for a magic bullet with mods, by all means show them the way. Not that the Ranger and even the Accord could not do some more damage with aero and RR mods but with the Ranger doing 40 + in summer temps on the highway and the Accord up and into the 55 mpg range, I think HW mods are worth far less then the techniques employed.

    ___Good Luck and let me know?

  3. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    Any time Wayne, just let me know when you want to drop by for a visit. I am still planning to go to hybridfest but havent made reservations yet. Need to get some other things straightened out first.

    If you are referring to MetroMPG, you may not have seen his last tank. He went from 47ish to 60.7 after employing engine off coasting and that was just the last half of the tank. He is very big on learning better technique now and is encouraging others to get a scangauge/SuperMid to help with thier technique. He and I are pushing toward 70 MPG this summer and I hope that I get there first.:D

    Current tank, 240 miles, 63.5 MPG. The Insight tires and lightweight wheels seem to be worth 2-3MPG right now, hoping for a few more when they break in.
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    Hi Dan:

    ___Yes, that was the guy. His Metro was rated in the high 40’s per the PEA and his lmpg was in the high 40’s? I told Phil we have to work on this guy and as you have just told me, he is now employing FAS and has seen a nice 20 - 25% > then the EPA on his latest Tank. You have to work on all those guys techniques as that is where the real increases are made. SW (brain power) is where the real gains are to be made, with HW pumping it up to the crazy numbers!

    ___Don’t worry about those RE92’s. At or around 2,000 or so miles, they are scrubbed. Nothing like they will be at or around 40,000 but good enough to get you to that 70 mpg tank ;)

    ___Good Luck

  5. krousdb

    krousdb Defiant NX-74205

    Good to hear Wayne. Looking forward to what they are like at 40k miles. :D
    Yes I am working on them. Brick is over there also giving helpful advice. And Diamondlarry thanked me for sending him to CleanMPG and getting him into Waynes boot camp.:D
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    I love it! Hopefully you can get enough guys together to make it a fun time.
    (And I look forward to meeting you in person on July 22!)

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