Saitama City, Japan, Honda, and Yamaha Begin Evaluating Electric Motorcycles

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    Saitama City, Honda, and Yamaha begins evaluation towards the expansion of electric motorcycles. As part of Saitama City’s “E-KIZUNA Project”, measures to promote the spread of electric vehicles including this collaborative effort also aims to resolve the issues in areas which are lacking in transport accessibility.

    2017 Yamaha E-Vino Electric Scooter


    This evaluation program marks the first joint initiative between a local government body (which aims for a low-carbon society in which electric vehicles can be used in safety and comfort), and the two motorcycle manufacturers (which aim for the spread of EV motorcycles). It is also an important step towards the reduction of CO2 emissions.

    Evaluations will utilize Honda and Yamaha’s electric technology and Saitama City’s existing infrastructure as a prelude to a low-carbon society and verify transportation convenience in areas lacking currently.

    Details: Rental and battery exchange service for EV Motorcycles

    Open to the public at the Saitama-Shintoshin Station East
    Rental motorcycles: 30 Yamaha E-Vino’s
    Evaluation begins: September 2017
    Applications for use on the Saitama City website

    Yamaha E-Vino

    The 2017 Yamaha E-Vino is propelled by electric motor powered from a 50V Li-Ion <-- Strange form factor? - battery. Its range is a scant 30 miles with an average road speed of < 20 mph. There is a boost switch that will double the power for short periods when going uphill for example.

    The battery can be removed to be recharged. An under-seat storage box can hold a spare backup battery pack. Sold separately of course.

    With a real world EV miles range of just 15-miles and another few kWh costing a few more hundred $s, why is Honda getting involved with this? Then again, the low $2,290 USD starting price is somewhat enticing.

    Building on previous battery electric automobiles initiatives, Saitama City hopes that by encouraging the use of EV motorcycles will contribute towards a future of an even lower carbon society.

    Honda and Yamaha are taking this initiative to promote the EV motorcycle itself.
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    Sounds like the battery NEEDS to be taken out to be recharged. If so......... pretty dumb.
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    Hard to charge the e-bike/scooter on the street and too heavy to lug the whole bike up to one's apartment or office, so typical of this class vehicle to have removable battery. I like the idea of battery exchanges and spares. Can't be that costly compared to e-motorcycle batteries.
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    I guess that makes sense, Bill.
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