Nissan’s All-Electric Prototype Race Car: The BladeGlider

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    [​IMG] Another answer to the future of mobility.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – June 29, 2017

    The Nissan BladeGlider on a media drive at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


    Nissan is showing of something quite electrifying at the Goodwood this weekend. Meaning they have brought their all-electric BladeGlider prototype to the UK’s “Festival of Speed.”

    The BladeGlider uses the most cutting-edge zero emission technology and innovative automotive design in a form factor that meet the needs of a future commuter. In other words, a 3-seater designed to meet the needs of the daily grind. Except that it adds a bit of excitement from a little electricity to cover the distance.

    At the Goodwood Hillclimb and the circuit afterwards, some lucky VIPs will be able to drive the 100-percent all-electric Blade Glider.

    In between runs while charging, Nissan will place the BladeGlider on static display in the Goodwood paddock, allowing attendees to get an up-close look at the brands vision of the future for performance cars.


    Meet the future. Nissan’s future of Intelligent Performance Mobility.

    A short "Hot Lap"​
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    I'm speechless, lol.
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    I'd like to see the small, frontal overlap safety test... Oops! Missed the car!
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    Hi Bill:
    That was funny! :D

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    Actually, since the driver is in the center, this car would be a lot safer in the small overlap test, all else being equal.
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