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    [​IMG] A very nice looking 10th gen Civic like front end.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – June 19, 2017

    The World Debut of the new 10th Generation Honda Accord is set for July 14.

    2018 Honda Accord Sketch


    Earlier today Honda released an exterior concept sketch of their upcoming all-new 10th gen 2018 Honda Accord set to make its global debut in Detroit and via YouTube Livestream (10th Gen Honda Accord Reveal) on July 14, at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

    The all-new 2018 Honda Accord is the America's best-selling midsize sedan, the number one choice of individual American car buyers cumulatively since 2010.

    Posted previously, the company announced plans for a new Accord that will feature three new and fuel-efficient powertrains, including two new direct-injected and turbocharged engines paired with either a new Honda-developed 10-speed AT, CVT or a 6-speed manual transmission depending upon engine, as well as the next-generation of Honda's two-motor hybrid powertrain technology. Honda will share additional details of its powertrain performance, along with the new design and technology at the event.

    See New 10th Gen Accord is Nearing for more detail on those drivetrains in particular.

    A perennial best-seller with American car buyers, the Accord has been the U.S. retail sales leader in the midsize sedan segment for four straight years (2013-2016). For the first five months of 2017, based on retail sales to individual buyers, Accord is the top selling midsize sedan in America and the second best-selling passenger car overall, surpassed only by the new Honda Civic.

    Since its launch in 1976, more than 13 million Accords have been purchased by US consumers. It was the first vehicle from a Japanese automaker to be made in America and has been in continuous production at Honda's Marysville, Ohio auto plant since November 1982. Cumulative U.S. production of Accord now exceeds 11 million units over 35 years of U.S. manufacturing.
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    Hi All:

    It's out and I will spot more about it throughout the day. It is one sharp looking midsize!

    2018 Honda Accord World Debut

    Jeff Conrad, Senior VP, Automobile Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

    Jul 14, 2017 Detroit, MI -- Good morning, everyone! Whether live, here in Detroit or, for a good many more of you, joining via our Livestream.

    02:10 in is when the all-new 10th gen Accord reveal begins.

    We're thrilled to have you with us this morning.

    What you're going to see in just a moment is the most dramatically styled, most sophisticated and fun-to-drive Accord we've ever made. But before we pull back the curtain, let's put the world debut of the all-new, 10th-generation Honda Accord in the proper perspective.

    For 41 years and nine generations, Accord has set the standard for passenger cars in America. A perennial top seller and 31-time recipient of Car and Driver's10Best award, Accord has consistently been the car to beat. And with cumulative sales of more than 13 million Accords, it means our customers have purchased roughly one Accord every two minutes for the past 41 years. That makes Accord the best-selling car in America since it was introduced… the very definition of enduring success.

    Accord also helped put Honda on the map as a U.S. automaker, as the first car we manufactured in America. And it's been in continuous production at our Marysville, Ohio plant for 35 years now.

    I know many of you have strong memories of your first time in an Accord… because I hear from our customers all the time. I have some great memories of my own.

    I remember in 1982, when I joined Honda, I got the keys to a second-gen Accord Hatchback. That first weekend, my wife and I took a long drive from New Jersey up to Cape Cod. Now, I had spent most of my life to that point in big domestic cars, and this Accord was pretty small by comparison, but I was blown away by how spacious it was inside and, on top of that, how fuel efficient and fun it was to drive. That's been the Accord story for over 40 years – a car that surprises with its balance of efficiency, refinement and fun-to-drive performance.

    Of course, you didn't tune-in or show-up here today for a history lesson. You want to hear about Accord's future. So, let me begin that story by saying that this is, unquestionably, the most dramatic remake of Accord we've ever done.

    Of course, we wanted to maintain the fundamental things our customers value most about Accord: outstanding quality and reliability, fuel efficiency, and fun-to-drive. But we wanted to add something new: a level of emotion and premium appeal that elevates Accord beyond its affordable, midsize sedan roots.

    Based on this concept, our designers and engineers reimagined this 10th-generation Accord inside and out creating something truly unexpected, and, in essence, this is the same direction we took with the new Civic, where we not only invigorated our own sales, but the segment as a whole. And we hope to repeat that approach with Accord.

    It starts with the new design, and with us today are the two lead designers for Accord, Mr. Morikawa, for the exterior and Mr. Shimizu for the interior. We visited with both of them recently in our Wako design studio and asked them to share some perspectives on the new design. Let's take a look.

    It's an all-new Accord that speaks to your head and your heart in equal measure. Now, it's my great pleasure to share with you the global debut of the all-new, completely reimagined 2018 Honda Accord.

    2018 Honda Accord Touring


    As you can see, with the Touring, Sport and Hybrid models on stage, we're taking Accord in a more stylish, sporty and premium direction. It starts with the fundamentals, where our designers and engineers really reimagined the overall proportions of Accord, making it lower and wider with a more than-two-inch-longer wheelbase and shortened overall length. This provides a stronger stance and contributes to even more dynamic handling.

    They gave it a dramatic new face with LED lighting, a long and sculpted hood, and a swept-back greenhouse moved rearward on the body – all leading into a shortened rear deck highlighted by LED taillights and dual exhausts. The overall result is a more premium and athletic design with stance and proportion you wouldn't expect of a front-drive mainstream sedan.

    We'd like to think this Accord will ace the valet test like no Accord that's come before.

    Of course, our story is much more than just styling. This will be the most fun-to-drive Accord ever, and that starts with the wider stance, longer wheelbase, a lower center of gravity and a lower seating position.

    There's also a lighter and more rigid body, an advanced new chassis, and three new engines, including two new turbos – our first-ever turbocharged engines for Accord. The base 1.5-liter turbo puts out 192 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque, at the top of its class. It's mated to either a Honda CVT, which many of you have recognized as the best of the breed, or, for our Sport trim, an available short throw 6-speed manual.

    Moving up the line, we have an all-new 2.0-liter turbo with i-VTEC® valvetrain that shares its basic design with the power plant of our new Civic Type R. In Accord this engine puts out 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque, which is the highest torque output ever for Accord. And its mated to our new 10-speed automatic, the first of its kind for a front-wheel-drive car.

    In Sport trim, the new 2.0-liter turbo can be equipped with a 6-speed manual. Enthusiasts out there have been asking us to 'save the manuals' and with cars like the Civic Hatch, Si, Type R and now this new Accord, we're doing just that!

    Now, as you may have figured out already, there will be no coupe variant for this new generation Accord. But with our new styling direction and a Sport trim with a 6-speed manual for both turbocharged engines, we've injected a lot of coupe goodness that will make this new Accord sedan… a car coupe intenders will want to take a hard look at.

    Now, I said three new engines, and the third is an even more efficient 2-liter Atkinson cycle engine with the next generation of our two-motor hybrid system. And with the all-new battery pack relocated under the floor – beneath the rear seat instead of behind it – our new hybrid keeps the same larger trunk space as gasoline models – besting all of our key competitors. It also means the new Hybrid has the same cargo-carrying flexibility of the gas models with 60/40-split and folding second row seats.

    Underneath the skin is a more rigid and lightweight body with our highest ever application of ultra-high strength steel, plus a new aluminum-intensive chassis with available Adaptive Dampers. These are tied to a Two-Mode Driving system, with Normal and Sport modes, that lets you dial up the Accord's reflexes when the mood is right.

    And while EPA ratings are not yet final, we expect to deliver top-class fuel economy and performance. It all adds up to the most refined, sporty and responsive Accord we've ever made.

    2018 Honda Accord Touring Interior


    Now, when you get inside this new Accord, wrap your hands around the new sportier steering wheel and look out on an amazing, panoramic view of the road, made possible by a lower cowl and A-pillars that are both 20 percent thinner and moved back relative to the driver.

    And when you look down the road, you're going to experience a new level of interior quality and sophistication highlighted by a new digital driver's meter with an available new Head-Up Display that places key information in line of sight.

    The new meter sits within a three-tiered, ultra-low profile instrument panel that wraps around the occupants in elegant style. And there are high-grade, soft-touch surfaces everywhere you look. It's simply a class above in terms of refinement and premium feel.

    And with its longer wheelbase, the new Accord offers class-leading interior space, including nearly 2 inches of added rear legroom, putting it at the top of its class. And Accord will have all our latest and greatest technology – a new touchscreen with sharper graphics, a more intuitive user interface and, of course, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

    But in addition to a touchscreen, Accord will have both a volume knob and a second physical knob for radio tuning and list scrolling. We're also adding effortless Bluetooth phone pairing, a first for the segment – just tap your phone to the icon and its paired. And with an available wireless charging pad, using your smart phone has never been easier.

    Accord will offer a more advanced connected-car experience with the application of new in-car 4G LTE Wi-Fi. And with over-the-air system updates, all Accord customers can upgrade to the latest software via Wi-Fi.

    Finally, we're delivering our most advanced suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies with Honda Sensing as standard equipment on every new Accord. And this is not limited only to autonomous emergency braking, with features in multiple option packages, like some mid-size sedan competitors. It includes a full suite of features as standard equipment on every single trim level of Accord. So, we expect Accord to continue to earn top safety ratings.

    Now, we're still a few months from launch, and we'll have much more to share, including fuel economy numbers and pricing in the days ahead, but as you can see, we've created an all-new Accord for the next generation; an Accord for the head and the heart – that we think will not only maintain Accord's position as America's best-selling midsize car, but will make people rethink the sedan when they're ready for a new vehicle.

    2018 Honda Accord Touring


    Now, I'd like to invite all of you watching online to visit our just-launched 2018 Accord Website.

    Thank you all, for joining us...
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    At a glance with vision blurred, the white Accord picture above looks a little like the Ioniq, or vice versa.


    Edit: minor wording changes
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    Now there's a lot of potential!
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    Overal shape is lot like Civic which might make it look bit cheaper/smaller but then again it works for other manufacturers it seems. Wished it would be a real Liftback (like A5 Sportback or VW Arteon). But folding rear-seats for Hybrid is great improvement.
    Also sadly Coupe model is gone it seems. I hope they'll have something in that space at least for Acura.

    Seem it has > 40% thermal efficiency which I think matches Prius (and new Camry perhaps):

    "The new hybrid powertrain will utilize a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle engine with greater than 40 percent thermal efficiency, the highest for any mass-produced Honda engine, paired with Honda-developed electric motors that are the first drive motors in the world to use magnets containing no heavy rare-earth metals. As before, the Accord two-motor system operates without the need for a conventional automatic transmission."

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    re: >40% efficiency - gotta keep up with the Joneses (Toyota, Kia/Hyundai)

    re: magnets without rare-earth metals - I'm not up on this subject. Don't AC induction motors circumvent the issue completely? (Chevy Volt uses AC induction, I think...)
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    Rear end is half Subaru Legacy, half Volvo S90. Will have to check when one passes by to see if dogs are driving the car - and if so, it's a Subaru (love those ads!)
    I will be interested in the hybrid with the batteries moved to a spot under the pan rather than in the trunk. Seems like more hybrid sedans will feature folding rear seats in the very near future.
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    I have not seen any figures for MPG's with the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid. The 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE EPA are 52 mpg avg. I thought by now the official EPA mpg results would be available now for the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid. If the new 2018 Accord hybrid does not beat the EPA for the Camry's hybrid 52 mpg, I will be disappointed. With that in mind I don't see how Honda could not beat the 2018 hybrid Camry's mpg's, as the 2017 Accord Hybrid easily beat the 2017 Camry hybrid EPA mpg's.
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    Hi Alster:

    When I see them, I will post them. Honda has been very quiet on the entire Accord launch other than statics. Fingers crossed for a good showing.

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    Thanks Wayne.
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    2018 Honda Accord vs. 2018 Toyota Camry. And the Winner is ... Not by a nose but by a tail!

    Hi All:

    While at the OC Auto Show for the media reveal of the all-new 2018 Hyundai Accent on Thursday, Honda's were being moved in and placed on the show floor. And damn it if I did not take a G** Dam*** pic but the full Monroney was on a Touring trim Accord. I was thinking well they - Honda - must have finally released the full specs since the short lead was this week and if this is on the car already. When I got home that night there was nothing.

    What I do remember is the 192 hp and 192 lb-ft. of torque 1.5L-T mated to the CVT only provided the large sedan a 35-mpg highway rating. 28 city IIRC? Pricing was $35k incl. my guess of a $900 D&H which if IIRC, was missing on that Monroney??? Both of which I am fuzzy on and I should know this!!! I am pissed at myself for not snapping the damned pic!!! Or it could have all been a ruse to throw people like me off as to the vehicles pricing and EPA to begin with?

    We have seen and experienced more times than anyone of us can count that Honda's are usually way underrated, but the 35-mpg highway result stands out as rather mediocre given the 1.5L-T uprate to 192 hp from the Civics’ 174 hp 1.5L-T is probably gutting it. A larger and heavier car is surely not helping matters which could explain some of the fall off but almost a 17 percent falloff from the Civics 42 mpg highway rating? That is a lot of pump visits going forward.

    2018 Honda Accord at the Orange County Auto Show


    It has been a long time coming but I am giving the all-new 28/39 mpg rated 2018 Camry XSE the nod over the 2018 Honda Accord Touring. This is a big deal as I am rating the Camry the better vehicle over an Accord for the first time IN FOREVER!

    Both vehicles are based on 111" wheelbases providing class leading leg and knee room providing much more than their predecessors. Both provide ample performance and feature content. Lack of Android Auto an Apple Car Play notwithstanding on the Camry was a Toyota mistake as was the lack of the same on LX trim Accords which hurts both cars imho.

    Here is where the rubber meets the road...

    The Exterior(s)

    I am giving the Camry a higher grade for exterior proportions.

    2018 Honda Accord Touring


    2018 Toyota Camry XSE


    2018 Toyota Camry XLE


    The 2018 Accord's flat face and tall upper chrome bar grille with integrated wraparound lamps has an edge on the 2018 Camry' XSE mesh and LE/XLE thin horizontal bar grille front ends.

    I also like the 2018 Accord Touring 18" alloys with low profile tires, lower rocker panel cutout, and chrome trim insert that swoops up through the rear quarter panel. The lower profile is really sharp and better looking in person than the pics portray.

    The Accord's upper profile and rear end however do not sit well in my eyes. The profile's upturned chrome belt line transitioning to horizontal line into a fake insert at the small rear quarter panel glass into the C-Pillar - I am not giving the Accord a D-Pillar here even though it looks like the case - like the Odyssey and large rear overhang unbalances the car.

    2018 Honda Accord Rear Exterior

    Accord's badging is invisible and the rear lamps are to tall and bulge out into the slipstream.

    2018 Toyota Camry XLE Rear Exterior

    The "C A M R Y" chrome badging and thin rear lamps stand out.

    2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited Rear Exterior

    The new Hyundai Sonata rear end design is the most modern and integrated of the three imho.​

    Moving to the rear fascia, the Accord lacks any presence as the logo's and trunk face are nondescript and the thicker taillamps are not nearly as modern. The lower diffuser with integrated dual exhausts and center body color trim provides a nice touch although too low to grab attention.

    The Interior(s)

    Moving to the interior, the Accord edges ahead but not without caveats.

    2018 Honda Accord Touring Interior


    I am providing credit for the safe bet Honda designers and product planners took on the all-new 10th gen Accord’s interior. At the same time, there is not much new. The floating 8” display audio touchscreen is modern in appearance and from the black “look” of the non-powered up car and supplied pics of the lit-up display, it appears to have higher contrast than the Camry’s all-new 8” display which provided harsh reflections under some very specific exterior lighting conditions. In execution however, the Accord’s floating display looks like it was added on at the last minute and did not integrate well with the rest of the dash. Fortunately, Honda did add both volume and tuning knobs so that controversy has been laid to rest.

    The Accord’s high-end wood trim inserts did not feel fake and aesthetically looked like a higher end luxury car on first appearance. In addition, the three spoke wheel had a gap in the lower spokes that you could get your fingers into that the all-new 2018 Camry wheel did not. Toyota missed the boat on this one.

    2018 Toyota Camry XLE Interior


    The more modern and dare I say risky Camry center dash swoops do not look as nice a first glace but after a few minutes, I actually liked the three-dimensionality of its contours and especially the passenger side insert that feels like you are running your hand over and appears like a hologram. The Camry’s small long thin buttons lose out to the Accord’s more robust and more standard larger knobs and buttons.

    Where the Camry takes the lead is wheel controls. Long gone is the Toyota CC stalk thankfully, and the control switches are laid within their own surrounds providing a bit more tactile feel and less movement than the Accords. A personal preference here but it is an area the Camry does not receive the credit it is due imho.

    Seating is also personal, and I will give the Accord a slight edge due to better lower thigh support. The Camry for less intrusive edges. Neither match the Sonata’s simple and more comfortable seat geometry and contours however. I threw that one in as a curve ball for both OEMs to improve their seats going forward.

    2018 Honda Accord trunk

    Almost 19. cu. ft. of trunk space is huge but the wheel well shrouds cut into usable volume.

    2018 Toyota Camry trunk

    15.1 cu. ft. trunk by comparison. Smaller volume but more usable.​

    The Drivetrain(s)

    Where it gets really interesting is the Camry's normally aspirated (non-turbo-charged) 206 hp and 186 lb-ft. of torque 2.5L in the Camry XSE is surely a more reliable engine while offering both more performance, efficiency, and lower cost. The Accord's somewhat low EPA highway numbers were a surprise if they are in fact actual final results. A big "IF" here. I am not even talking about the 29/41 mpg rated 2018 Camry L trim with the 203 hp I4.

    2018 Toyota Camry 2.5L I4


    I do not have pics of the 2018 Accord's 1.5L-T as both vehicles hoods were locked down.

    If Honda is going to use the 16/17 Civics’ Radar Cruise Control (RCC) system, it will fall woefully short of the "best in the world" 2017/2018 Prius/Camry RCC system.

    Adding insult to injury, Camry's have always been able to be picked up for less than Accord's with similar trim and equipment. Lacking the OEM cost of the turbo and plumbing, I am sure Camry has a $300+ OEM cost advantage on the Accord as well.

    In the midsize segment, efficiency, std. safety, and appearance go to the 2018 Camry. Driver comfort, std. infotainment, and price go to the refreshed 2018 Sonata. Aggressive front end and "cool alloys" go to 2018 Accord.

    As we approach the Accord's final spec release, it is the hybrid segment where war is going to be waged for consumer acceptance among CleanMPG'ers. And this is where the all-new Accord may still come out on top. Until the 51/53 mpg city/highway rated 2018 Camry Hybrid LE was introduced, the 49/47 mpg rated 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid was the most efficient mid-sized sedan available to us in the U.S. Pricey and raucous at higher speeds, it was still darn efficient below 65 mph. Will the all-new 10th gen Accord using an uprated second gen 2.0L Hybrid drivetrain be able to topple the now class leading 2018 Camry LE Hybrid? The outcome of that battle is yet to be determined. Stay tuned.

    2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid and non-Hybrids First Drive
    2018 Hyundai Sonata Pricing through First Drive

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    I agree. For the first time in a long time, it looks like Toyota put some effort in to make their car best in class in more ways than just reputation and reliability. Its styling is weird to my eyes, but at least it's not bland. I think the Accord looks better, mainly because of the grille. The new Toyota 2.5 is impressive on paper.
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